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Miniature of Baby White Bat ❤❤❤ 🙂 ❤ This miniature was sold. ❤It is shown as an Example. ❤ Please note, I write orders into the waiting list and I do orders according to the waiting list ❤ Dear buyers ! This is unique, collectible author`s miniature created with the help of needle felting technique. Usage of various gradations of high quality wool and colors of silk makes the sculpture lifelike. Also, there is a wire frame inside of it. The frame gives stability and makes sculpture`s wings and body mobile. As aconsequence, it can sit and stand in different poses. Sculpture`s glass eyes were made in Germany and are hand painted in addition. My works are made without any dyes and wool toning . (I don`t paint wool. I don`t do toning.) Only natural components used. The dimensions of bat : Wingspan — 8.66 inches ( 22 cm) Full height with a head —3.15 inches ( 8 cm) All of my wool sculptures are for adult collectors only ! THEY ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN ! Small parts and components used ! I hope that my works will give You happiness and joy in it`s brightest form 🙂 All my creations are packaged in wooden giftbox, they are also handpainted and collectible too. Thank You for visiting my shop and paying attention to my creativity:-) Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YANA-430015653801641/

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