International financial institution increases service levels and new accounts with global data warehouse

Bank Leumi USA is an FDIC-insured commercial bank that provides financial services to middle- to upper-middle market firms, international businesses, and not-for-profit organization.

Business Challenge
The vast majority of the bank’s clients used many, if not all, of the services the bank offered. However, the applications and databases used to manage those client accounts and transactions were spread across a multitude of internal and external systems. Client bank statements were produced by nine outside service providers, and the bank was unable to easily summarize either its or the client’s financial positions.

The bank’s management determined that it needed to deliver a singly summary statement to its clients if it wanted to provide higher service levels and remain competitive. Management envisioned a system that would deliver that summary and allow the bank to significantly increase management of both financial positions.

Data Warehouse Center Solution
Data Warehouse Center developed an integrated customer statement and management reporting system (CSMRS). Data Warehouse Center used a rapid application development (RAD) methodology to design, develop and implement the system well within the Bank’s required time frame. The CSMRS is a client/server implementation consolidating customer and bank transaction information from eleven different outside data sources into a single, global data warehouse. This data warehouse is now accessed by four new application systems through a common user interface. The bank now produces a single summary statement for all transactions providing clients with a complete view of their monthly activity. The summary statement also provides a graphical presentation of the client’s assets, liabilities and net worth; and a detailed customer statement can be created on demand, as well as on a monthly basis.

The data warehouse and CSMRS allows bank personnel to manage both the client’s and the bank’s financial position in real time. Information and reports on virtually any financial transaction, account or financial related instrument is available through a single view. The system provides extensive financial management and reporting capabilities. Management can analyze profitability by client, officer, transaction, deal, currency, portfolio or any other available dimension.

Return on Investment
The value of the data warehouse and CSMRS to the bank was significant. The bank’s Client Account Management Officers now provide clients with a real-time status of their financial position – including all of the financial products with the institution. The bank offers clients a set of true value-added products and services. Client retention has increased along with new client accounts. Management and client reports that once took days and weeks to prepare are now available in minutes. The data warehouse and CSMRS were developed and installed and implemented in twelve months, and provided a return on investment in less than a year.