Business Services

Data Profiling/Data Quality/Data Migration

Data Warehouse Center Data Quality Center of Excellence helps client improve overall data quality, reduce total cost of ownership, reduce risk with a strategic data migration and enhances overall decision-making processes

Business Challenge
One of the world’s leading providers of outsourced information-based business solutions is in the process of migrating 58 business entities from their current legacy applications to new, strategic application architecture. The client needed to ensure the overall quality and integrity of the data being migrated and then distributed back to users through transaction processing and enterprise reporting. Accurate, reliable, trusted data is critical to the business solutions it provides its own clients. In addition to this strategic data migration, the client wanted to bring in-house a data cleansing, data enrichment and de-duplication process for client master data. By bringing the outsourced process in-house with equal to or better results, the client could reduce their total cost of ownership, eliminate the dependency on an external provider and be strategically positioned to enhance targeted marketing campaigns in the future.

Data Warehouse Center Solution
To ensure a successful data migration, Data Warehouse Center leveraged their Data Quality Center of Excellence, Data Profiling and Data Quality Best Practice Methodologies, and Evoke Software Corporation’s Evoke AxioTM to profile 56 data sources, 980 million rows and 5,101 attributes. This process identified more than 400 data quality issues in the source data, including anomalies, redundancies and inaccuracies. Client data stewards recorded the resolution of data quality issues in the form of business rules and transformations/alignments within the Evoke Metadata Repository, while client developers corrected the issues within the data movement processes using Oracle Warehouse Builder. Ongoing auditing and monitoring of Data Quality was achieved through the deployment of Data Warehouse Center Data Quality Performance Management Framework on the client’s Crystal Enterprise Platforms.

Data Warehouse Center Data Quality Center of Excellence also developed and deployed a cutting-edge Data Quality Architecture which provided data cleansing, data enrichment, de-duplication and data profiling functionality, and leveraged the client’s existing investment in their technical environment. This new architecture parsed, standardized, validated and corrected more than 900,000 records; enriched more than 750,000 records with value-added information from external data sources; and produced more than 13,000,000 match/merged records for the strategic targeted marketing campaigns. Most importantly, the architecture delivered results faster and with higher quality match rates than the outsourced process.

Return on Investment
Data Warehouse Center Data Quality Center of Excellence delivered a viable solution which not only met client objectives and critical success factors, but also at one-third the cost and in one-half the implementation time of other vendor estimates. CSI provided mentoring, knowledge transfer and education that empowered the client to maximize their investment in technology and optimize their business processes.