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This is a digital career planning guide, organizer, and workbook for people looking to make a career change in the new virtual work environment created by COVID-19. I created this especially for those dissatisfied with their current job, career, or life situation, wanting to make a big change. This is perfect for career switchers, college students, interns, free-lancers, and those who have been displaced during the COVID pandemic. This will help you discover what you really want out of a career and how you can ACTUALLY get there (no fluff!). COVID-19 has brought us a global economic recession like we have never seen before, which has affected everyone in some way. Millions have been laid off or struggling to find work. I experienced this first hand as I decided I would pursue a career change right before the pandemic. While it was difficult at first, I eventually learned that right now is actually the BEST TIME to make a career change. Before I eventually landed my dream job as a Designer, I really nailed down the goal setting mindset and strategies that WORK to make your dream career a REALITY. Now I want to share this with you! Includes: 1. welcome sheet 2. virtual career tips & tricks 3. current resume worksheet 4. goal setting worksheet 5. skill gap worksheet 6. skill habit tracker sheet 7. new resume worksheet 8. elevator speech sheet 9. how to quit with grace Details: No. of pages: 9 pages Sizes included: letter (11×8.5) Format: PDF file, instant download If you have any questions or suggestions, please message me and I will get back to you! I’m a new shop – reviews are greatly appreciated. LIMITED TIME ONLY – FREE GIFT! For a limited time, I am throwing in a free gift for those who purchase an item and leave a review. As a token of my appreciation, you will get my Work From Home Planner for free via e-mail! All you have to do is purchase this item, leave a review, and I will email you the PDF files. Have a blessed day!

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