Building a brand with design

With building a brand, you also have to be very aware of the fine line there is with creating a gimmick or joke, as those don’t tend to have lots of longevity. And I believe the best way to build a brand is with design. It’s all that type of visual consistency that goes into a brand. Because they have a visual brand that goes from a very recognizable logo to the way their employees are dressed. With design, you have the ability to control what people see and how they see and remember your brand? For one, if you’re trying to build a brand and try to hire a bunch of different people for the sake of having a bunch of different titles, you’ll probably end up real broke, real quick. On the other hand, you want to have people who understand brand building and not just how to shoot up a website in a given amount of time. It’s imperative that brands gather groups of employees that aren’t going to do a job, but are going to help design a way to interact with customers. With design, I have the ability to create examples and prototypes3 Not just projects, but a way of thinking You may or may not have heard of what some people call ‘design thinking.’ It’s basically a way of thinking where you approach problem solving creatively. Design thinking means our problems aren’t solved with solutions of the past, but with creativity and an interest for the customer and brand. This also means business people, accountants, managers, and the like can all be designers when they use design as a way to solve their problems. If a business wants that connection, that business has to have a deep understanding for design, creativity and innovation. Some of our favorite brands today utilize design thinking and/or have CEO’s that put design first. The idea is not to break your business up into different design projects, but to make it all one big problem that’s approached creatively? Changing your business to a brand is as simple as learning good design and design thinking.

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