Which Email Service Should I Use?

☑️ You have many. many choices when it comes to which email service you should use. I will review what to look for, and make a couple of recommendations.

Chosing an email service
There are three approaches to consider when deciding how to manage your email.
* Your own domain: the most control and flexibility for as long as you own it.
* Paid service: the most help and support options when you run into trouble.
* Free email: ubiquitous and easy, appropriate for many, but you must accept the hidden costs of “free”.

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0:00 Which Email Service Should I Use
1:05 Criteria to look for
2:09 Own your own domain
2:50 Email with your registrar
5:35 Paid email services
6:10 Privacy and encryption
7:22 Free email services
8:52 Back up your email

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10 replies on “Which Email Service Should I Use?”

I don't know why you are so down on using your ISP. I have ATT for internet and get free email service through yahoo. ATT has OUTSTANDING customer support, albeit a bit more expensive than others. So far in 30 years no serious problems going through multiple computers using win95 through win7.

I use Yahoo for both my personal email and my "spam" email addresses. I have a gmail address, but I hardly ever use it. I used to use Lycos for my "spam" address, but they dropped free accounts a couple of years ago. I have a Microsoft email account (, but I hardly ever use that one, either. That leaves my email address, which I use as my email address for only a couple of specific services. I stopped using ISP email back in the early 2000's, and for a short time was using a free email forwarding service, which later went belly-up.

Out of these, I'm probably the most concerned about Excite ending their free email service, but so far, no news is good news. If I have to change things up in the future, I will.

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