What is Master Data Management?

This is a short video on the benefits of an MDM solution.

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Data should not be managed like this imo. They should have one main network of databases that holds the data. It can be changed by one and accessed by all. Imagine that image you showed, but with a master database in the middle webbing off into each of the other parts of the business.

This is a bit of hair splitting here, but notice it says that this is a "brand new customer" prompted by the new order. When you create a new customer you create master data. When you have a new customer and synchronized master data is not in place, a new order WILL prompt the creation of a customer profile (Master Data) across the applications that support it's fulfillment.

Actually found this example confusing because order data and purchase data is transnactional, while the physical street name is master data. Are we talking about an update from order of new order into the master data ? This is not clear

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