WARNING…this image is not sharp front to back.

WARNING...this image is not sharp front to back.

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There is debate or some such about having a landscape image sharp from the front to the back. But as Nick Page pointed out in one of his vids if you want to create a 2D effect of the background receding into the distance that can’t happen. It must seem to be far away which on a image that is sharp all the way by focus stacking etc still is one dimensional. So with a easily recognisable land mark such as Mount Ngauruhoe its not hard to throw the background into a hazy feel to generate the 2D effect and the viewer still recognising the mountain and it still being part of the visual story. Like just being there on a hazy day.
Anyway just throwing that out there…
As a side note i never post full resolution images on the web anywhere so the image is of a lower quality in general.

Posted by muzzpix-nz on 2021-05-05 04:50:44

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