Walloomsac Inn, Bennington VT

Walloomsac Inn, Bennington VT

The other day I got an email from a friend that I met on Flickr who grew up where I did in Pennsylvania but now lives in Vermont. He and his family had been in the town of Bennington and he sent a photo of a picturesque old hotel that appears to be abandoned but some say is just well weathered. This is the Walloomsac Inn, an anomaly in the pristine and prosperous little town. The original part of the inn was built in 1771 but this side is the most photographed and was added a hundred and twenty years later. I was able to locate it on Google Streetside on Route 9 right in the part of town known as "Old Bennington." Here is the 2019 view:,-73.2138437,3a,75y,349.03h…

For more on this unusual historic building, some background information and even some shots of the interior:

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