VONETS 2.4GHz WiFi Module/Mini Router/WiFi to Ethernet Bridge/Hotspot Signal Repeater/Extender/Amplifier/AP, USB/DC Powered with 2 RJ45 Ports for DIY Industrial Engineering Network Device VM300-H

Price: $28.18
(as of Apr 02, 2024 14:15:43 UTC – Details)

Hardware Features:
1. Two external antennas RF female sockets.
2. Support power input over-voltage protection function (automatic power-off when the power supply voltage exceeds 15.5V)
4. WiFi working frequency band: 2.4GHz, 2T2R dual antenna
5. Module RF output power 14.5dbm-16dbm (two gear output power adjustable).
6. Support temperature compensation and frequency stabilization technology (TAFC) to ensure the stability of WiFi signal.
8. Working environment temperature: -20℃– 50℃.

Function Features:
1. Two software-controllable working modes: routing mode, bridge + relay mode
2. Support smart transparent bridge mode, and support AP Client and AP Station at the same time
3. The relevant parameters of the device can be configured through the WEB page configuration or the VCC mobile phone APP
4. The software can adjust two levels of WiFi RF output power (14.5dbm/16dbm)
5. Support SSA 1.2 version signal strength remote center alarm protocol
6. Support transparent transmission of serial and network data (VONETS-UART_UDP or TCP data forwarding instructions 3.0)
7. Support VDNS technology, in bridge mode, can be configured via logging on the domain login page, solve the problem that configures and secondary development

8.Great ideal for elevator hotel wifi, Electronic monitoring, IP camera, PS3, Network Printer, Industrial Scale PLC,Robot,Medical instruments, Video transmission DIY Network Device etc application.
2*2.4G 3dBi External Antennas
1*User Manual
1*Retail box

1. After configuration, if this device doesn’t work with your camera or devices, please change the setting of “Transmission mode” to “MAC layer transparent”;
2. If you want to use Huawei or iPhone as a hotspot for WiFi bridge when you setting, please select “SSID and password match” in the “Advanced Setting” under the upper-level hotspot password.

【WiFi to Ethernet or Ethernet to WiFi convert】Industrial Mini 2.4GHz WiFi Module/Mini WiFi Router/Wireless Ethernet Bridge/Repeater (small size); Can achieve WiFi to Wired or Wired to WiFi function; Support WiFi 802.11b/g/n, WiFi rate:300Mbps; 2 Ethernet ports 10/100Mbps adaptive (USB/DC power supply cable;10/100M Adaptive Ethernet cable:30CM;10/100Mbps Adaptive Ethernet port);
【Support wide voltage】DC5V-15V(Typical 5V/1A, ripple less than 100mV), two-stage automatic overvoltage protection (Protection voltage upper limit 15.5V), USB or DC optional powered mode; the suggestion is: this device cannot use the USB or DC directly plugged into the computer for power supply, it needs to be powered by an independent standard 5V/1A power supply.
【Support two kinds of application methods】: Router mode; WiFi Bridge ( IP layer or MAC layer transparent transmission); WiFi Repeater (WiFi signal repeater), can extend WiFi transmission distance; WiFi access point (AP);
【WiFi hotspot automatic reconnection】two hotspot matching methods: Full match authentication mode, SSID and password authentication mode, Support SSA signal strength detection reporting function, motion detection function and memory hotspot(Up to 100) automatic matching connection function, realize to WiFi motion applications; Hotspot connection parameter support import and export function;
【Point-to-point transmission distance】: maximum can be up to 100 meters when without obstacle and small data, less than 50 meters when used for video transmission; Good Partner for Monitoring, DVR, IP camera, Medical devices, IoT devices, Video transmission, Industrial PLC, PS3, Network Printer, Robot, Doll Machine and more DIY Network application.WiFi Tx Power:14.5dBm/16dBm optional, 2x3dBi(2.4GHz) external antennas;


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