Trump 2024 flags being sewn in a Chinese factory… MERICA!!!

Trump 2024 flags being sewn in a Chinese factory… MERICA!!!

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I don’t understand how anyone can fall for the Trump con. I’ve lost family to the Trump cult and all for nothing. Blind allegiance to a fascist moron that destroyed their lives.

And they pay a 25% markup because of trump tariffs but they probably still think china is paying them for some strange reason. How do millions of people not understand how tariffs work is mind boggling.

I’m not ready to have reddit spammed by Trump posts again. As a non-American, it made reddit almost insufferable.

Makes me think of the Armageddon line “American components, Russian components. What’s it matter? All made in Taiwan!!”

Save America Again?

Wasn’t it saved enough when he was voted out of office?

Man, I’m not mentally prepared for this shitshow.

One of my neighbors is an extreme conservative partisan (their cars are covered in stickers decrying the NFL and Vatican II) and they have had a series of Trump flags on their flag pole (flown ABOVE their tattered and faded US flag, mind you).

At first it was the Trump 2020 flag, then they took that down after the election (begrudgingly, I’m sure) and replaced it with a Gadsden flag (don’t tread on me). Fair enough. But then they replaced that with a Trump 2024: Save America Again flag. That was up for a few months, only to be replaced recently with a new one. Trump 2024: The Revenge Tour. Ok, a little concerning this time. What’s next? Trump 2024: Cut the Tall Trees?

Obviously the sort of violent tone of this Trump fandom is one thing, but this kind of political fandom psychosis has to rise to the level of a mild mental illness. Imagine the time and effort this (elderly!) person took to change their passive aggressive flag choices 4 times in the space of a year. If someone was doing this with a Kamala flag they’d be just as far gone.

I mean, any company can have flags made. More than likely some company in China pumping them out because easy money to drop them into Amazon and Ali. Just like all the fake stuff that is listed online.

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