Trigger this fanbase in one sentence (without mercy)

Trigger this fanbase in one sentence (without mercy)

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Every mission is basically just a few minutes of riding and listening to exposition followed by a shootout

Sadie is a cool character but her accent seems so incredibly fake compared to the rest of the game

Rockstar dont give a shit about rdr online and wont expand it.

PS Everyone who bought rdr2 to play in online for 10 years (like in gta online) were fooled.

Ok this is my real opinion, John was stupid as fuck for just assuming he’d be able to live a normal life in RDR1. As much as I hate Edgar Ross, he’s right. John’s killed god knows how many people, robbed several banks, trains, stagecoaches, and he just thinks he’ll get a happily ever after? I love John and all but he was ridiculously naïve.

Dutch actually sucks at planning crimes or the gang wouldn’t be in trouble and constantly running from the law

There was no informant before Chapter Six. Dutch and Hosea just kept under estimating their enemies and making reckless mistakes in a world that was a lot less forgiving.

Take Chapter Three there was no reason to believe either family had any Gold. If each family believes the other stole a fortune in gold from them then logically neither family can have any gold. The twists that both families are flat broke and living above their means is well foreshadowed throughout the chapter. As is the fact that both families know exactly what the Dutch Van Der Linde gang are up to.

Trelawny warns them straight up that Rhodes is a small town and people in small towns talk to each other. Butler also offers many cryptic warnings to Arthur that the Grays were spies during the war, that bounty hunters are looking for him. What’s more Beau Gray recognized who Arthur was right off the bat. Leigh Gray may be a drunk and an incompetent but he’s still a lawman and not completely stupid just mostly stupid. If he didn’t know who Dutch and Arthur really were from the start he definitely knew by Magicians for Sport. Langton’s men were not especially subtle nor were the Pinkertons. Even if they didn’t go to Sheriff Leigh Gray and ask around about any suspicious strangers there was no way he wouldn’t eventually hear about a bunch of bounty hunters looking for Van Der Linde Gang arresting a man who had just been sprung from his jail by his new deputies. Even a fallen down drunk like Leigh would have been able to put 2 and 2 together.

And I’d be willing to believe so did Cathrine Braithwaite seeing as she knew that Hosea and Arthur were the ones who hit the Braithwaite Still and sent the Leymone raiders after them as retaliation. And unlike Leigh Cathrine didn’t suffer the debilitating handicap of being a drunk idiot. Cathrine has extensive connections to the Underworld through both The Leymone Raiders and Angelo Bronte. It she didn’t already know that Hosea and Arthur were members of the Van Der Linde Gang she could very easily and very quickly figure out who they were.

But Dutch and Hosea under estimated them and the player likely did to. It’s a consistent problem with Dutch and Hosea: they’re arrogant. They always assume their marks are gormless idiots who will never figure out the painfully obvious. For example the Saint Denis bank Robbery. The city is already on high alert the Pinkertons already know they’re in Leymone and likely in Saint Denis. But their plan to rob the bank hinges on:

• Nobody noticing the heavily armed, extremely conspicuous, convoys ridding into Saint Denis within five to ten minutes of each other.

•That everyone in the city will be so distracted by the explosion that nobody will notice the Bank being robbed *in broad daylight!*

•That nobody will notice Hosea or Abigail when the entire plan relies on drawing all of the police aka all the people who might recognize them to one spot in the map.

•That nobody would be watching the bank to be on a look out for the Dutch Van Der Linde Gang. A gang that is known to be operating in the area, **AND IS MOST WELL KNOWN FOR ROBBING BANKS!**

It wouldn’t have been a minor miracle if this plan succeeded it would have been an actual real-deal walking-on-water-manna-from-heaven-raised-from-the-dead-miracle!

Even if you finish with good honor, Arrhur still isnt THAT much of a good boah (considering the majority of his life was robbing and killing)

They are all terrible people and just constantly whine that people don’t like being robbed and murdered by them anymore.

People that make judgments about whether Arthur or the gang members are “good” or “bad” people fundamentally miss the point of the story.

It’s called Red Dead REDEMPTION, for a reason, of course they’re not good people to begin with. Similarly, a lot of people have a really weird understanding of what constitutes redemption

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