Tom Cruise uses CGI (to hide the cable)!!

Tom Cruise uses CGI (to hide the cable)!!

Tom Cruise uses CGI (to hide the cable)!! from Damnthatsinteresting

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I’m not the biggest fan but I gotta give credit for the stunts he does himself.
I bet this was terrifying and exciting for him.

I was assuming the whole airplane and the land beneath were all computer graphics, and Tom Cruise was simply holding on to a fake door in front of a strong fan with a green screen behind him.

I feel less cheated than before.

So literally the only CG here is the painted out safety harness. That’s impressive for this day and age. The man still actually hung onto the side of a plane as it took off, just with safety equipment. For an A-List actor to do such a dangerous stunt himself is admirable.

I don’t think the cable the arrow points to is the most important one.

Also, have you seen the photo of when he jumped across buildings in London and broke his ankle?


Fun fact:

Tom Cruise wants to do all of his stunts so bad that when the production team said he couldn’t due to insurance reasons, he became a producer of the MI franchise so he could work around rules. Dudes wildin

That cable was probably mandated by the insurance carrier. 50/50 Tom Cruise would have done it sans cable.

I’ve worked on two of Tom’s movies (Mission Impossible 2 and Vanilla Sky).

He treats the crew with respect and kindness, makes jokes, smiles, goes way above and beyond what any other producer/lead actor in Hollywood would do to ensure they are taken care of, paid well, fed extremely well at meals, and generally maintains a terrific tension free atmosphere on set.

The fish always stinks from the head, and it’s never more true than in Hollywood – if the lead actor or producer are raving insane assholes, you have to prepare for many crazed weeks of hell on set.

Additionally, it’s pretty rare to see any crew people under 40, and sometimes under 50 on one of Tom’s projects. I was taken aback by that when I first noticed it, and someone on the production staff told me Tom likes to see the faces of experienced crew people working with him when he sets up some of his crazier stunts – whatever happens, he wants the crew to stay calm and cool, and to have generally seen it all in their careers. And it works. He occasionally improvises some of the crazy shit he does on camera, and the crew just calmly rolls with it. We did some crazy shit in MI2, and no one broke a sweat.

A surprisingly great guy to work for and with. I would go into battle with Tom any time.

I don’t care what anyone says Tom Cruise knows how to deliver a class movie / cinema experience. I have a shit tonne of respect for him

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