To shame a guy for living with his parents

To shame a guy for living with his parents

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The first person is probably from either north America or northern Europe. Those seem to be the places where people tend to think like that the most

I was lucky and could move out when i was 25.

But a lot of people here in the netherlands are happy if they can move out at 25. Because either you cant afford a house due to high houseprices and/or crippling student debt OR you have to wait up to 12 years for a cheap rental house.

So dont shame people for their choice to stay home, OR the fact they cant even get a proper house and are forced to stay at home. Because the economy is fucked.

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>*Anonymous asked/said*
>You’re 25 and still living with your parents? Cringe.

>***a-god-in-ruins-rises*** *answered*
>nah man. what’s cringe is moving out at 18 or 20 or whatever and struggling to make ends meet because you’re spending most of your money on rent and utility bills just because that’s what society expects of you. i still pitch in with the bills but it’s a fraction of what it would cost if i was living on my own or with roommates. and my folks are starting to get old and i’m in no rush to leave them behind because who knows how much time i have left with them? or my siblings for that matter. nothing cringe about not taking family for granted. and we all pitch in and pool our resources and help support each other. there’s nothing cringe about it. it’s actually smart, and trad as fuck to boot.

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I remember coming home from college my senior year and it being pretty tense and unpleasant. Getting treated like you’re in high school all over again was tough to take. Naturally, my solution was to move to a large, expensive city, and be broke for 5 years.

For those who left home bc of abusive and unhealthy relationships with your parents, your struggle is real and you are seen.

Stay strong bc it’s tough out here when you’re on your own, in the most formative years of young adulthood.

In eastern hemisphere nearly half of the people living with the parents in one form or another and moving out when they are successful enough to feed a big family, that’s what is considered normal here and was also considered as normal for centuries in western society also

By living with my parents I could buy their house at market price. Now they live with me, under my rules.

I have the wifi password now!! How the tables have turned, parents!!

It’s valid if you’re ur family has been abusive. But I really wish America didn’t have this culture, I feel pressured to do college apps during senior year of high school because my parents would not approve of me doing it so late. Even if they did I would feel nervous that I’m missing a chance to apply now to make money and get a degree as fast as I can.

Outside of the US, this is quite common. But I feel the US is a special place where one could take that to mean free reign to stay at home, don’t work, never help out, leech, leech, leech.

I’ve always been a mite jealous of people who didn’t feel an urgent need to leave so they could save money. If I would have stayed I might have drank myself to death or killed myself. Super toxic home made me pretty mentally ill. Amazing how much better I got when I left even though I did struggle.

I have lived with my parents at different transitional stages in my life. I have also had my Dad live with me before he passed and soon my MIL will be coming to live with me and my wife. How can being there for each other be cringe?

If you get along with your folks real well, definitely a smart move.

My friend lived with his parents till the age of 30, saved enough to put a deposit on a house that was half the cost of the house, with enough left over for a few renovations.

Unfortunately I’d sooner live on the streets than with my folks.

Can confirm. Moved out at 17 and I’m still struggling with debt and credit issues 10 years later, even though I have a “good” job now. Couldn’t even study in college because I had to take 18 credits AND serve 40 hours a week plus bartend on the weekends to make ends meet. Do not recommend if you don’t have to. Only puts you behind.

I agree with this, with how current living situations are here in Croatia. And considering my dad is 62 and starting to show signs of dementia (sort of a family thing). Grandma had it too. I want to spend as much time as i can with him. Besides even with the Jobs i know i can get, i would have to stay in the worst possible apartment. Instead of the house i even helped build.

In my Mexican culture, family is everything. Parents don’t usually kick kids out at 18 but everyone has to work. And when parents are too old to take care of themselves, the kids become the caretakers.

I’m 27 and still living with my parents. It allowed me to pay my own way through college and helped me to constantly save money for place of my own. Now instead of having to burn money by paying rent, I’m building a house. I’m damn fortunate to have the parents I have (and the job I have.)

But let me tell you, living at home does *not* help with the love life.

As someone who moved out at 23 due to at home issues, i wish i couldve stayed longer sometimes. Im happy on my own, but it is a struggle. Dont shame people who live with their parents, the world is fucked.

I agree, if my parents were in a better place financially I definitely would’ve stayed living with them. Unfortunately by the time I turned 17 I had no bedroom and had to sleep on the sofa for a year or so, now 23 renting a place & buying is looking a long way off.

It’s all circumstantial, no need to hate.

I live in Hong Kong.
It costs an average of $2,000 per square foot to own.

Rent is $1,500 a month for a single bed apartment in the outskirts.

Median wage is $1,800.

I was lucky to have parents to live with for a couple years while I was getting my act together.

I come from a great home full with love and I often visit my parents. But God damn am I glad I moved out at 21.

This makes it seem like people who move out all struggle. Many people have good relationships with their parents and still move out, it’s a part of growing up. I couldn’t wait to move out, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love my parents because I do, I just wanted the freedom to do things my own way. Plus there’s skills that you learn when you live on your own, living with your parents naturally deprives you of learning to do certain things, so when this guy does eventually move out, he’s gonna struggle to cut it on his own, while his peers who probably struggled at the beginning most likely have things sorted out by that point. It’s not perfect from the get go, it takes work to establish foundations for a good life.

When I met my husband, he was 27/28 years old. Had a really great job working from home, and he lived with his mom. Had no issue with it because he made decent money and helped his mom out with bills. If he was living home with no job and not helping out that would have been a huge red flag. Eventually he did move out and we got our first place together, but I never pressured him. In fact, it was his idea and was very excited to start a life with me.

I was actually surprised to learn that in some countries people are *expected* to move out. My dad (54) still lives with my grandparents and my aunt (60) with my maternal grandma (91).

I’m 25 and still live at home because I have a few disabilities and illnesses, my mum and dad are my carers, you never know why people still live at home, everyone’s circumstances are different, like I will be moving out but my house will need to be close to where I am atm since they are my carers and incase of emergencies.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I moved out at 18 cause I wanted to fuck my girlfriend and do drugs without getting shit from my parents.

Moving out before you have reliable income is stupid if you have the option to stay at your folks and it’s bearable. It’s not for everyone or people with trauma involved. But I don’t think there is something wrong with living at your parents until you have your own income or maybe even a year or two after to save up some money.

Ain’t no shame at all. I’m 36 and I moved backed in with my mom. She’s 78 and after losing my dad and having regrets of not spending more time with him I’m not going to make the same mistake with my mom

Lol after 20 years old you’re not allowed to call shit uncool. If you’re life goal after 20 is to be “cool” then ya fucking up.

Here’s me thinking that this guy’s thought of his parents getting old, and they are only 60ish, tops. I’m a few years from 60 and I am not old. I’m actually glad my kids don’t live with me anymore. I like my privacy and I can pay my bills on my own.

I felt ashamed of myself for still living at home with my parents in my late 20s. Sure, I paid my share and did chores and helped them out with major expenses, and I stuck around because they needed me as much as I needed them, but I just felt pathetic.

My mom died very suddenly when I was 29. Thank God I was there to get her in an ambulance and medicated so she didn’t die at home alone, confused and in pain and lying in a pile of her own filth. This guy is right, you never know how much time you’re going to have left with them.

Also, I bought myself a house for my 30th birthday and my sister would probably be dead by now if I hadn’t been there to help her out of her abusive marriage (they had an apartment in my parents’ basement).

My 18 and 19 year old kids still live with me and that’s fine. No way they could live on their own in the current hellscape. They work and help with bills and have their friends and live their lives. My oldest is 30, lived at home until out of college at 24, and now lives with a few roommates (by choice) and has a six-figure income, which would never have happened if they had felt pressured to move out at 18 or 20.

I was living on my own at 19 after moving to Southern California from the Midwest. I had a roommate and a well-paying job at at an insurance company (with no degree at that time), and I drove a new Honda Civic. I never worried about money AT NINETEEN. But it is no longer 1985, and I would never expect my kids to do what I was able to do then.

All these years and three kids later, raised by me because their father decided drinking was more fun than working, I make not much more than I did then, and everything costs a fortune. I’m much worse off financially than I was as a young adult.

Fuck boomers who think “kids these days don’t want to work.” What they don’t want is a future where they work like dogs and squeak by with no hope of owning a home or having kids because they cannot afford it, and hope they don’t get sick or injured because it would destroy them financially. It makes me sick to see what the USA has become in my lifetime.

I lived at home until I was 27. There is no race and no expectation to uphold. I’m now 29 and own a home with my fiancée. I had plenty of people/potential mates make comments. I’ve had girls unmatch immediately despite being in a good field. Their loss!!!

Guess who owns a home now and who is still renting in whatever bum fuck city? I’m the one with an asset now. Not the people on tinder making comments about still living at home 🙂

Das right. This guy waited and I’m better for it.

DONT LET OTHERS SWAY YOUR DECISIONS. No one situation is the same and never let society dictate your choices *if* you have the option

I’m not saying it’s exactly the lamest thing I’ve ever seen, but I’m a little surprised people are impressed enough with this response to upvote this.

Right they are!
Unfortunately the bulk of those living in their parents houses until they are 25 or 30 don’t contribute and certainly don’t think family support and caring are what matters.
It is usually a lack of effort and accountability that is enabled by parents.

It is a very American thing to move out at 18. In most cultures, adults live with their parents for as long as they need too, idk why the USA is so hell bent on financially crippling its youth but here we are

Basically, western society (though primarily American) have put a lifestyle on a pedestal – that of the gilded age privileged class. There are too many to name but the worst offender imo is expecting parents to be able to work at minimum wage while also paying someone else to take care of their children…

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