This Online Group Is Dedicated To Shaming Insane Parents, And Here Are 30 Of Their Best Posts (New Pics)

Becoming a parent is a life changing experience. Suddenly, you are responsible for a whole other human being, and your new full-time job is to give them the best life you can. So you read stacks of books, attend parenting classes and try to soak up as much knowledge as possible to be a great parent. Maybe you even join a few Facebook groups to gain insight from other parents and to be part of a community. It’s nice to have other moms help you find the cutest and most affordable kids clothing without spending hours scouring the internet. Other parents can also provide some support when you just need to vent about the struggles of raising kids. There’s just one thing to be wary of in online parenting groups: they seem to be a breeding ground for crazy people.

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