The other side of a fast food soda fountain

The other side of a fast food soda fountain

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The thing is like everyone knows how they work but I have never actually seen one which truly makes this AggressivelyIntereseting

My old restraunt use to make me change those all the time, because they are heavy as fuck!! And we would store them on the opposite side of the restraunt on the 2nd floor….

If you want nightmares open the casing around the dispenser heads out in the lobby or wherever this is feeding to.

Rarely washed properly. Found “interesting” things growing in them.

Late nights tending bar. Super busy. Hands are wet from making lots of drinks, garnishing etc. All of a sudden the cola goes out. The boxes are surprisingly heavy and stored below on the rack. The hoses are in the way and it’s very dark in the walk-in fridge where the soda and kegs are. Hands sore from holding 3 bottles in one hand to quickly pour long Islands. So it’s hard to get a grip on the card board to open the box. Then the nozzle where the hose hooks up keeps slipping back in the box. And to add to it your hand slips on the plastic part you need to remove and you cut your finger.

All the while woo-girls are going woo at the top of their lungs and bro’s are shouting for strong drinks but refusing to pay for doubles. “Yo dawg lemme get a strong island.” “Hey I ordered my drink with no ice that means more liquor.” And you can tell one person you been avoiding for 15 mins knows our Bloody Mary’s are made from scratch and they’re going to order one as soon as the crowd reaches its peak.

And for a brief moment changing the soda box doesn’t feel so bad. Yeah I could just live in here probably. But soda boxes don’t tip so you go back out. Last call finally comes. A few remaining singles finally pair up. A wingman (or woman) jumps on a grenade. And you still got a few hours left cleaning up the mess.

You get about 320 12oz cups of soda from each bag of syrup. At $1.50 for soda that is about $480. A regular person can get a bag of syrup between $80 to $160, knowing a restaurant can get things for cheaper at wholesale.

Long story short, even with the cost of CO2, a place can make good money on a bag of soda. Theater, sporting events, concerts, ripping people off for soda, they make even more.

I have made a career repairing fountain equipment for 31 years now

I worked for Coke and now for Pepsi

Easy money

When I was 16 I was being trained how to stock/set these up. My cute trainer said “Do you know how to date?” And I got very flustered and said “yes I think so” and he proceeded to show me how to WRITE THE DATE ON THE BOXES WHEN THEY WERE OPENED. I wanted to die

I don’t think I’ve ever really questioned how the drink machines work, but I definitely never assumed this.

The best part of these stupid fucking boxes is when one has a leak for up to a week and no one notices and it’s on the top shelf and it slowly drips sugar cement onto every fucking thing and then it’s takes over an hour to clean it all up when you have 8million other things to attend to and serve and make and wash and god fuck food service

*psst psst psst psst psst psst psst psst psst*

*sighs* “Looks like the Dr. Pepper is out.”

Edit:holy fucking shit that’s a lot of upvotes

The first place I worked had this rack in the manager’s office. Two big PVC pipes ended in the two wait stations on either side of the restaurant with the hoses fished through the pipes.

My manager could hear the wait staff talking in the closest one all the time and never told them. I was a cook at that time and he told me I’d be surprised how nasty the waitresses would talk about the customers and their fellow servers.

Be careful when you talk near the soda fountains. They have ears.

My friend – who is easily the smartest person I know – realized only after working in a theater and filling the soda syrup, that the soda fountain does not have an underground line to the Coca-Cola plant.

More like r/mildlyinfuriating. And even that’s an understatement. Every person who’s had to change these assholes out is now triggered by this picture.

There are only Coke products here, but the Dr. Pepper ones were different and ar least twice as enraging. My arch nemesis

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