Temporary mail facility causing traffic nightmares in Prince George's County

Residents in a Prince George’s County community have been dealing with a traffic nightmare all week, waking up each day to dozens of semi-trucks right outside their front doors.

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16 replies on “Temporary mail facility causing traffic nightmares in Prince George's County”

I’m a truck driver it not all about locals truck drivers have to sit there for days and nights under payed and no bathrooms no food running out of drive hours away from family’s so please help find a way to fix problem cause truck driver don’t like it just as much as the people who live there thank you please respect truckers we move America happy holidays

Besides the snafu of USPS trying to get the mail to its intended recipient, there seems to be a issue with Melanie Alnwich referring to ladies and gentlemen as ‘ guys’. Is it part of the ‘woke’ neutral gender ‘wokism’ the station is engaging in. Melanie, being from an Air Force family, attending a university, Florida University, working with WUSA before signing on with Fox5, should by this time know the difference between guys and dolls, men and women and ladies and gentlemen. I am beginning to wonder if the media itself created ‘wokism’ without realizing it. Sure hope the mail problem gets solved, guys and dolls.

This will just keep happening as long as the state of Maryland keeps adding housing developments and mixed use high rises on a regular basis until there's no more farmland. These zoning issues will just continue to increase as long as encroachment on industrial land with residential land keeps on trucking. Pun definitely intended in this case especially!

People please don't complain if you don't get your mail.. trying to get it shut down will just make your life more of a living hell. You can't have it all.. you won't get your black Friday gifts either. The post office was there before you moved in the neighborhood. The housing community is just going to have to drop the value of the price. They built these houses to get your money 🤑

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