Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)

Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)

It may be diminutive, but the perky-tailed wren has a powerful song and the ancient title of king among bird. The wren is our wren. It was on our farthing copper coin. In May 2017, it figured on the first-class stamp in a Royal Mail ‘Songbirds’ series and it came fourth behind the robin, kingfisher and barn owl in the 2016 public vote to choose a national bird. It’s one of our commonest birds and widely distributed, with breeding pairs estimated at 7–8.5 million, depending on which ornithological data you raid. The wren is definitely a very British bird.

However, we don’t have exclusive rights. Ours is the Eurasian wren, a member of one of 19 genera covering 45 species that embrace much of the globe. Wrens are found across every landmass and on virtually every island. Even the Falklands have their own version, Cobb’s wren. With winter food scarce, wrens may forage under the snow for their natural diet of insects and spiders, their small size allowing them into areas that other birds can’t penetrate, an ability that applies throughout the year as they can reach cavities denied to larger beaks.

They can be aided in harsh weather with mealworms, finely broken breadcrumbs, oatmeal and grated cheese, but supplements should be scattered near low cover, as wrens don’t readily attend bird tables. However, they are pragmatists and, in the spring, may vary their diet by visiting shallow water to pick up tadpoles and smallfry. The female becomes particularly vocal if her newly fledged brood is on site, which may explain why wrens tend to be thought of as female, hence Jenny Wren. Some cultures, however, prefer a masculine character to support the regal notion and, in Germany, the bird is known as Zaun-könig or hedge king.
The loud song from such a small throat is possible because birds have an organ called a syrinx with a resonating chamber and membranes that utilise virtually all the air in the lungs and can produce two notes at the same time.
Yet another tradition warned that to harm a wren was to invite bad luck – a broken leg, your livestock injured – so, despite those tales of trickery and treachery, the tiny bird had some powerful friends after all. The king of the birds would expect no less.

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Judgement Recovery Business Course – Small Claims Processing Course

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Is Open Source Software Right For Your Small Business?

The obvious benefit is the price (It’s generally free!) The downside is it can be difficult to install, support and manage . We look at the pros and cons and offer you a few good resources and show you how to evaluate the packages your considering.

Opensource software is software that is developed by people with a real intereset in developing applications for everyone to use for free. The biggest repository of opensource software on the web is

Keypoints of open source software

1. It’s free to use and usually distributed for free. Some companies will package it up and make it a little easier to install, for this they charge a small fee. Other companies will sell the product but then give you free support for a limited time.

2. Most open source software is developed for the linux platform. Before considering adopting linux as an operating system you’ll need to make sure you have easy access to linux support people. One really good tech, who happens to be the same guy who sold you the software isn’t good enough. He’ll end up owning your business.

3. Because the operating systems and programming languages the software is developed in are themselves open source, installation, support and upgrades can be exceedingly difficult.

How to evaluate an open source solution.

Despite what your IT staff or consultant might say you want to evaluate any open source solution you’re considering. The depth of the evaluation is dependent on the complexity of the solution. An apache web server would be fairly quick to evaluate. A CRM solution for thirty sales people and several hundred customers is going to require at least a few weeks of testings.

The first step is to set up a test bed server. This can be an older server, just something reliable and fast enough to approximate real world results. As we’ve mentioned before most open source software is linux based so you’re going to need to decide on a linux distribution. Red Hat linux and Suse linux are two of the best and both are supported by the companies that distribute them. Suse linux is now owned by Novell. More than likely you’ll need a development environment and a sql server. Make sure the technican loads a distribution package to do this. The best for Apache, MYsql and PHP is Xampp which can be downloaded at Don’t let your techs tell you they’ve got a better way by just installing it piece by piece, you’ll end up paying for it later.

Have your technicians document the installation process, get the application stable and then step back from the test. If they’re spending every day with the end users resolving little problems it should be a red flag that the solution is not stable.

Make sure that the application you’re considering has some external support. This may be as simple as a forum of users but they’re needs to be a place you can go to for basic support issues. Also make sure the application has a user manual. Many open source packages are released with nothing more than a few sentences describing the installation process.

This next step is extremely important. You need to test for a failure. Have the techs rebuild the system from scratch and restore all of the data. If it’s not done within a day, that’s another red flag.

After the evaluation ask yourself these questions.

We’re most people able to take advantage of the software within a day or two?

Was it easy to restore from the simulated crash?

Were problems fixed in a timely manner?

Did the software stay up and running throughout the test?

Did they end users feel like they benefited from using the application?

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General Liability Insurance for Small Business Overview: A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Policies

Each business has its own needs, but you still want to make sure you are covered by some insurance, no matter how small your company is. In short, general liability insurance for small business tends to cover things like personal liability for members and the consequences associated with third party claims for property damage / injury. You can add additional items of medical injury for yourself and damage for your own property.

When you are looking over CGL policies, you’ll see terms such as “General Aggregate Limit”. This refers to the advertising or personal injury, medical payments, and/or fire damage. “Operations coverage” refers to the basic coverage afforded for property damage and bodily injury due from your or an employee’s negligence.

You might also see “Products and Completed Operations Limit” depending on your line of work. This coverage includes protection for those who manufacture or sell a particular product, or are contractors providing services. If damage occurs and your product or negligent service could be responsible, you’ll obviously face a lawsuit. This is a type of separate aggregate limit and the claims of its nature will not reduce the General Aggregate Limit, although it will still be subject to limits such as “Per Occurrence Limit” for each claim.

General Liability Insurance for Small Business Limits and Claims

The “Per Occurrence Limit” refers to the maximum amount that the policy will pay for a single claim arising from your Personal or Advertising Injury / Operations / Products and Completed Operations. Each of these claims WILL decrease the separate aggregate limit.

A few other terms you’ll find include Personal and Advertising injury, Fire Damage, Medical Payments, Bodily Injury, and Damage to 3rd Party Property, which are all self-explanatory.

Your industry will also play a role in the exact type of coverage you need. When searching for general liability insurance for small business, see if there is any tailored insurance available. Choose a company that specializes in businesses such as yours and have coverage tailored to risks prevalent in your particular field. Consider the risks you’ll likely be facing that might not be covered in a GCL or Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) and have those risks included in your coverage.

Another very important thing to look for is claims responsiveness. Only get general liability insurance for small business from a company that has a lot of positive reviews – especially regarding its claims response time. Claims should be easy and fast to process. One provider in particular to start with is Hiscox Business Insurance. The rates are fare, claims process is fast, and Hiscox offers free, instant quotes on its website.

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Virtual Assistants: The Secret Behind Success of Executives, Start-Ups and Small Business

As an executive, you have lots of things to do and even more to achieve. Along with mainstream works, you also have several supporting tasks like online research, filings, necessary purchases, recruitment and bookkeeping. You want to concentrate on more profitable work but these petty tasks are consuming your time, and TIME IS PRECIOUS.

Here comes the Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant is not a robot or machine like Google Assistant. he/she is a human being who understands urgency, grasps details, prioritize tasks, offers intelligent help for you to achieve your target.

Given below are a few important tasks that can be delegated to Virtual Assistants:

Organize Your Files & Data

Every day we create and work on lots of files and folders. We compile reports and data that need to be referred to at some point of time later. Organizing files and keeping data in proper searchable format is a full time job. You may explain this to your VA and he/she will take care of this. They will organize your files; keep in proper folders, and save your time for more important works.

Customer Support

You may need to contact some customer support and waste lots of time in waiting or being kept on hold. Ask the VA to do this job for you and save time.

On the other hand, you may also have some customers to support who are important and need to be given priority, but due to lack of time you are not able to spend enough time with them. Ask the VA to support these customers on priority, respond to them immediately, help them understand the product and resolve their queries at appropriate level or pass to the next level.


You have lots of receipts and bills that need to be put in a spreadsheet or compiled properly. You may send your receipts, bills or other expense details to your VA to put in Excel or other tool and do the needful for you. If you leave these unattended for long time, they will cause unnecessary headache and stress.

Book Appointments/Online Shopping

You may ask your VA to book appointments and reservations for you. The VA will make the reservations and update your calendar so you don’t miss them. If a mutual trust develops, you may also ask them to do online shopping for you or for your small firm. The VA’s will do the needful and share report with you.

Online Research:

For any business or personal purposes, you may have to conduct an online research for a good app for your business, a wonderful product for your company, a great gift for your nears and dears, some material for writing, some articles to share with your colleagues, or anything other than this, you may simply give instructions to your VA and he/she will conduct the research for you and present the material in a professional and sophisticated manner, saving lots of time for you.

Business Presentations

You have to make some presentation for your business but also have lots of other things to do. Give the idea to your VA and ask him/her to do research, compile and put in a PPT presentation for your review. You may make changes as per your need and this is DONE.

Recruitment & Team Support

As an executive, you also need to hire and support your team. Take help from your VA in searching Resume DB, fix interviews and follow up with candidates. You can also ask your VA to support your team as and when needed and save collective time of your team.

Translation & Bi-Lingual Support

If you or your business is located in a bi-lingual region or you have clients in foreign countries, you can take help of your bi-lingual VA to support you and your team with translation works and provide bi-lingual business documentation support.

Data Entry

Data entry, for personal or business purposes, is required regularly but is also least productive and most time consuming work. You can’t get rid of it, but definitely you can take help from your VA to complete the task for you.

Writing & Proofreading

You may ask your VA to prepare material or write blogs and articles for you as per your needs. You may then give it your finishing touch and publish. Or you may write yourself and ask the VA to check grammar, sentence structure and other things. The VA may use tools like Grammerly and send you the finished article, ready to publish.

News Monitor, Summarize and Clipping Service

Share your interests and needs, languages and locations, and the VA or his/her team will monitor the news, articles, essays published in that language and location and share summary with you. A language expert VA will do the clipping services for you. A lot of rich data and useful information can be collected for personal or business use.

Source by Suhaib Nadvi