Data Mart vs Database vs Data Warehouse vs Data Lake Explained

The world of data is changing very quickly and it is very easy to get lost in all the technical terms that flourish with progress. In this video, I will introduce you to a basic understanding of what are data warehouses, data lakes, database and data marts which all refer to data storage and management systems. So, lets get started!

Video Walkthrough (Database vs Data Warehouse vs Data Mart vs Data Lake)
0:00 Introduction
0:15 What is Database Explained
1:00 Components of a Database (ACID)
2:07 What is Data Warehouse Explained
3:04 Benefits of using Data Warehouses
4:24 What is Data Mart Explained
5:18 Types of Data Marts
6:21 What is Data Lake Explained
6:40 Data Lake Example
7:32 Benefits of using Data Lakes

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Introducing the modern data warehouse solution pattern with Azure SQL Data Warehouse

A deep look at the robust foundation for all enterprise analytics, spanning SQL queries to machine learning and AI. Charles Feddersen, Principal Program Mgr. for Azure SQL Data Warehouse, starts you off by looking at the core updates to Azure’s SQL Data Warehouse, ranging from improvements to query performance to new capabilities with row-level security and workload importance. And finally, you’ll learn how the Modern Data Warehouse Solution pattern, comprised of Data Factory, Data Lake Store, Databricks and SQL Data Warehouse, is revolutionizing data pipelines and enabling the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit to apply an analytical approach to solving global cybercrime and stop tech scammers in their tracks.

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What’s is a data warehouse, and how does it compare to a data mart and data lake? Is a data warehouse solution only for large enterprises?

In this lightboard video, Luv Aggarwal with IBM Cloud, answers these questions and many more as he breaks down what a data warehouse is and the benefits it can provide for an enterprise.

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