The Difference Between DevOps Engineers, System Administrators, and IT Technicians (Desktop Support)

After watching this video, you will find out who IT technicians, sysadmins, and system engineers are. Why is there so much hype around DevOps right now? How do engineers differ from administrators? And what highly specialized professions are system administrators divided into?

0:00 Intro
1:07 IT technicians a.k.a. Desktop Support Engineers & Administrators
2:49 System Engineers & Administrators
4:38 Network Engineers & Administrators
6:07 Information Security Specialists a.k.a. Cyber Security Engineers
7:13 DevOps Engineers
9:27 Things To Remember

IT technicians (also known as Desktop Support Engineers) in most organizations are responsible for laptops, PBXs, printers, scanners, etc.

System engineers are responsible for complex IT systems design, and administrators work with the existing systems. Both are more about networks, servers, and other complex hardware.

In large organizations, the aspects of system administration are often divided into narrow specializations: networks, web administration, information security.

DevOps engineers are indispensable persons in companies with development teams and continuous integration (online games, streaming platforms, large retailers, and other services with an audience of thousands). They are responsible for smooth development, testing, and deployment.


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