Lead Net Pro – An Eye-Opening Review: Should You Buy It Today? A Word of Caution

Are you considering buying Lead Net Pro? There has been massive buzz and fanfare surrounding Lead Net Pro however there are several questions you should ask before you buy or if you already have it and are not seeing the results you want. But you are probably wondering “What exactly is Lead Net Pro?” Lead Net Pro is a dangerously powerful combination of a webscraper and an auto-dialer into one package. But let’s briefly describe all three features in order to clarify and finally cover whether or not Lead Net Pro is right for your business.

  1. WebScraper: A webscraper is a tool that crawls various websites and collects information. In this case since many network marketers and internet marketers post their opportunity and contact information online using sites such as Craigslist backpage on contact sites etc. This contact information can be collected, parses, and stored. (You might be wondering, why would you want to market to people who are already in network marketing…Well that’s simple: They are in network marketing and business owners/networkers are always looking for ways to improve their business or generate more leads. Also they may not be content with their current company or team and may be open to looking at yours. Either way it is better targeting of your marketing.)
  2. Autodialer: An auto-dialer is pretty much an auto-calling system that can dial the multiple numbers at once and then deliver a recorded message or connect you with live people who answer the phone instead of wasting time dealing with answering machines. The strength of delivering a recorded message is time-saving.The draw back is really the fact that you will miss many people who hang up on the recorded message that may have responded better to live body.

But is Lead Net Pro the Right Solution For You?: Asking the Right Questions

If you are not converting people into your business, most likely you need to improve your sales funnel and copywriting skills. What’s a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a simply systematic way of generating leads filtering out tire-kickers and guiding them to your opportunity. However if you do not know how position your business as their solution and really understand the concerns problems of the people who marketing to, you are simply going to be viewed as a cheesy sales pitch.If you are spending way more than you are making in your business, then it’s really time to re-evaluate your strategy before buying any tool. See most people who get a prospect interested go for the high price sale into their MLM instead of building a rapport making the smaller sales in order to offset their advertising costs. That’s really the strength of having an efficient and effective sales funnel, being able to profit from people who say “No” to your primary mlm. Truthfully I fought this approach for a long time until I understood the deep well potential in list building.

  • Are You Struggling For Leads For Your MLM? If you are not seeing the type of lead flow you want for your business, you can get the Lead Net Pro tool, however the tool will not solve your major issue, which is a lack of lead generation training. The tool is only a tool and without the right training, it will not help or at best give modest results. What’s necessary solid marketing training and and firm understanding of creating a powerful sales funnel.
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  • Are You Spending Way More Than You Are Making In Your Business?


Combining attraction marketing principles and truly understanding why you cannot just pitch your business no matter what software or strategy you use will truly help you get the most out Lead Net Pro. Essentially, once you get the leads, you better know what to do with them. You can’t just say: “Hey I saw your company online can you tell me more about it, heres my software link.” No, you have to know how to deliver value to network marketers. “What good is the best hammer, to the worst carpenter?”. In order get solid attraction marketing training and to get more information about Lead Net Pro visit the links in the resource box below.

Source by Art Lovell