Web Scraping Facebook with Selenium – AUTOMATED BOT

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a web scraping bot that can download an entire Facebook image gallery, both tagged and personal photos at once.
With the help of Python, Jupyter Notebook, Selenium and Chrome Driver – you will achieve 100% automation and obtain all the tools to adjust your code in the future, should Facebook change anything on their end.

Web Scraping Instagram with Selenium CODE ON GITHUB:

Web Scraping Instagram with Selenium VIDEO TUTORIAL:

Web Scraping Instagram with Selenium ARTICLE ON MEDIUM:

Web Scraping Facebook with Selenium COMPLETE NOTEBOOK:

the tutorial below will show you how to:
a. quickly install Python
b. quickly install Jupyter Notebook

00:00 – 2:23 intro
a. preparation steps
02:23 – Install Selenium
03:07 – Install Wget
03:39 – Download Chrome Driver
04:44 – Launch Jupyter Notebook
b. coding
05:29 – Imports and Intro
06:10 – Webdriver get command
07:09 – Developer Tools Guide
08:12 – Login: Username, Password, Submit
09:26 – Dismiss Alerts: Stackoverflow
10:59 – Shortcut to get Photo Gallery
11:58 – Loop over tagged and personal photos
13:12 – Scroll to the end of the page: Loop
15:41 – Target all anchor elements on the page
17:21 – Target specific anchor elements
20:04 – Target all image elements on the page
22:16 – Target a specific image element
24:11 – Create a new directory at the root
25:06 – Download all the photos
25:53 – Last Automation Step
26:52 – Run the bot
27:04 – Test the bot
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Web Scraping Instagram with Selenium


⭐Struggling with some of the commands?⭐
Watch my live webinar about Automating Instagram Comments:

It’s much more detailed, with slower phase and room for questions!

The ⭐new⭐ and improved article is now available on my blog:

Also, please refer to an ⭐ UPDATED VERSION ⭐ of the code on Github with wider functionality and error fixes:


Struggling with scraping dynamic language websites? No need to worry! I got you covered
with this super simple web scraping with Selenium tutorial!
In this video, we’ll create a database of cat photos, which we’ll extract from Instagram by searching for “#cat”.
We’ll work closely with the Developer Tools, target specific elements and discuss the best selectors to use depending on the situation.
We’ll also talk about the common errors when scraping React and the best way to tackle them.

Starter Notebook:

Complete Notebook:

UPDATED ENHANCED Notebook (most recent!):

Tutorial on Medium:

00:00 – Introduction
01:08 – Download Chrome Driver
02:21 – Set up Chrome Driver
03:07 – Open web page with Selenium
03:41 – Log in to Instagram with Selenium
09:39 – Dismiss pop up messages
12:19 – Search for a keyword
15:49 – Scroll down along the page
16:48 – Select all the images
18:25 – Create a directory on your computer
20:10 – Save images inside the directory
22:42 – Thanks for watching!

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