SunFounder Project Complete Starter kit Compatible with Arduino UNO R3 Arduino IDE/Scratch Coding with 42 Detailed Online Tutorials

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SunFounder Starter Kit is Compatible with Arduino Uno R3. Comes with 250+ components for learning electronics and application programming, including 1602 I2C LCD, Motors and Ultrasonic Modules etc.For this Starter Kit Which is Compatible with Arduino Uno R3, we provide 42 Projects ( 23 Lessons in C Language & 19 Lessons in Scratch), please refer to the Detailed Online Tutorials here:

arduino starter kitarduino starter kit

Explore Fundamentals of Each Module

The Step-by-Step Online Tutorials display all components and the components have detailed working principle explanations. Each lesson shows a circuit diagram, an overview of the operating principles, and an explanation of the code used for the project.

arduino kitarduino kit

Interactive Graphical Programming Based on Scratch

Graphical programming will help you to learn electronics and programming more easily. Not only has code interactive, but also has vivid and interesting games. Learning programming is no longer boring.

arduino uno

arduino uno

uno r3

uno r3

electronics kit

electronics kit

Flowing LED Lights

In this lesson we’re going to do a simple but interesting experiment – using LEDs to create flowing LED lights.

. The principle of this experiment is to simply turn on eight LEDs. The eight LEDs are each connected to pin 2-pin 9. Set it as a high level and the corresponding LED on the pins will light up. Control the time for each LED lightening and you will see LED lights flowing.


In this lesson, we will learn how to use an LCD1602 to display characters and strings. LCD1602, or 1602 character-type liquid crystal display, is a kind of dot matrix module to show letters, numbers, and characters and so on.

. It’s composed of 5×7 or 5×11 dot matrix positions; each position can display one character. There’s a dot pitch between two characters and a space between lines, thus separating characters and lines. The number 1602 means on the display, 2 rows can be showed and 16 characters in each.


When you are reversing, you will see the distance between the car and the surrounding obstacles to avoid collision. The device for detecting the distance is an ultrasonic sensor. In this experiment, you will learn how the ultrasonic wave detects the distance.

C Language-23 projects

Lesson 1 Blinking LEDLesson 2 Flowing LED LightsLesson 3 Controlling LED by ButtonLesson 4 DoorbellLesson 5 Tilt SwitchLesson 6 RelayLesson 7 RGB LED

Lesson 8 Controlling an LED by PotentiometerLesson 9 Photo resistorLesson 10 ServoLesson 11 LCD1602Lesson 12 ThermistorLesson 13 UltrasonicLesson 14 Infrared-ReceiverLesson 15 Humiture Sensor

Lesson 16 Joystick PS2Lesson 17 7-Segment DisplayLesson 18 74HC595Lesson 19 Stepper MotorLesson 20 Simple Creation-StopwatchLesson 21 Simple Creation-Answer MachineLesson 22 Simple Creation-Small FanLesson 23 Simple Creation – Digital Dice

Scratch-19 projects

Lesson 1 Quick guide to PictoBloxLesson 2 Table LampLesson 3 Breathing LEDLesson 4 Colorful BallsLesson 5 LCD1602Lesson 6 Moving Mouse

Lesson 7 DoorbellLesson 8 TumblerLesson 9 Low Temperature AlarmLesson 10 Light Alarm ClockLesson 11 Read Temperature and HumidityLesson 12 PendulumLesson 13 Rotating Fan

Lesson 14 GAME – Star-CrossedLesson 15 GAME – Eat AppleLesson 16 GAME – Flappy ParrotLesson 17 GAME – Breakout CloneLesson 18 GAME – FishingLesson 19 GAME – Kill Dragon

【Compatible with Arduino UNO】Suitable for Young Beginners and Experienced Software/Hardware Engineers who wants to learn electronics and programming.
【250+ Quality Components】Comes with Development Board compatible with Arduino UNO, 1602 I2C LCD, Motors, Ultrasonic Modules etc.
【42 Interesting Projects 】Each project has a circuit diagram and tested code with detailed explanations.
【C Language and Scratch】Contains C language courses compatible with Arduino IDE and interactive graphical programming based on Scratch.
【Professional Technical Support】We have 10 years of Maker Service, our technical support team and customer service are always ready to help you.

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