Subutai – Genghis's Greatest General DOCUMENTARY

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The Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on Mongol History continues with a video on the greatest general of Genghis Khan – Subutai Baatur, who alongside Jebe played a crucial role in the unification of the Mongols and then the invasions of China, Central Asia, Iran and Russia, winning many memorable battles, including at Kalka and Legnica.

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The video was made by our friend Arb Paninken, while the script was developed by Jack Wilson – The Jackmeister. Check out his channel dedicated to the history of the Mongols: Thanks to Norman Schlimmer and Stephen Pow for their help with the research.

This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

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35 replies on “Subutai – Genghis's Greatest General DOCUMENTARY”

In Afghanistan and Pakistan there is a famous story about the father of Mahmud of Ghazni. It is said that his name was Subuktagin and he was a general (in whose army, the story doesn't specify). He once caught a fawn and loaded unto his horse, the doe (mother) kept following the horse for miles when when Subuktagin saw this, he released the fawn. The doe looked to the sky and took away with its fawn. It was said that Subuktagin's son (Mahmud of Ghazni) than became King. I have a haunch that this guy Subuktagin is the same as Subutai. Just have to see whether the time period adds up? Since many Turko Mongols ultimately accepted Islam it does seem plausible.

It's amazing
Turks and Mongols are cousins. Yet no one knows or cares about the Mongols. They were built on evil and were evil, similar to today's major powers.

Turks on the other hand , ruled with Justice and fairness. All sultans are known and role modeled around the world.

What a shame on ghengis khan and his offspring

the mongols were the weirdest existence in history….their empire came out of nowhere and it lasted a measly 100ish years and then they got absorbed into the civilizations they tried to conquer. Like seriously….its the most bizzare history ever. There was no mongol civilization, cause they were nomads. The muslim arabs at least created a lasting arab empire…but mongols…they just died out.

In terms of military record he is far above Genghis. Genghis was actually relatively average when compared to his steppe cousins, facing numerous setbacks due to defeat during his years unifying the tribes. He did however have insane charisma and shrewdness that enabled the greatest to show undying loyalty towards him.

I would like to see a Roman legion vs the mongol horde command by Julius Caesar and Subutai both in thier prime if thier armies.
Who do you think would have won? For me personally it would be the Roman.

Regarding China's history, the Chinese totally failed to defend their country against the mighty Mongol army in 13th century; how could China become a global superpower? According to historians, known as the earth shakers and the most violent barbarians in human history, the Mongols had been fully responsible for displacing the world populations and changing the face of human history through their widespread bloody massacres. In fact, it took Iran almost a century to recover its original peak population prior to the Mongols' invasion. The mighty Mongol army has been considered the most unquestionably feared in the world. Every inch on earth the Mongols passed, was greased with human fat and soaked with human blood. Even the deadliest winters in Russia could not deter the Mongols from invading Moscow and Kiev. After their successful conquest of the Great Russia, the Mongols again repeated the great success in the Battle of Legnica in Poland known as the Battle of Liegnitz. The powerful Mongol army totally crushed the combined defending forces of European fighters, twice its size. The decisive victories in Poland and Hungary became some of the most celebrated episodes in the Mongols world conquest, which showed the effectiveness of the Mongol war machine. Suffering the same fate as the European countries, countries in West Asia including Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey one by one submitted to the mighty Mongol army. Sadly, China was not an exception. The Chinese Empire said to the mighty Mongol Empire, "Our Empire is as vast as the sea, yours is but a handful of sand." The Chinese had paid a deadly price for their arrogance they would never forget. The mighty Mongol army creatively went around the Great Wall of China, easily got inside and savagely massacred all the Chinese people, leaving a mountain of human skulls/bones outside the Great Wall that could be visible from miles away for years. According to historians, “Body [of the Chinese prisoners] stacked ‘like rotten logs’ littered the ground for more than 30 miles.” The mighty Mongol army led by Subedei (also known as Subutai-one of the greatest military commanders and strategists in history), continued to brutally burn, pillage, rape, and murder all the populations of 90 Chinese cities for over 6 months. As a result, unable to protect the Chinese people from the Mongols' attack, China's Great Wall has sadly become a historic symbol of China's eternal shame and failure. The Chinese dynasties had to defend against countless Mongol attacks. Genghis Khan persistently fiercely attacked China for several years. Finally, the mighty Mongol army conquered all of China in 1279 after Western Xia Dynasty, Dali Kingdom, Jin Dynasty and Song Dynasty all one by one shamefully surrendered to the Mongols. In less than 80 years, the Mongol Empire encompassed entire land from the Pacific Ocean to the Danube River. After having successfully conquered Eastern and Central Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, Great Russia, all of China in the 13th century, the powerful Mongol Empire immediately started their southward expansion where a small country known as Dai Viet (currently Vietnam) at the time was their first target. However, totally failing to achieve the great successes as seen earlier in the century, the unbeatable Mongol army met its match. In spite of having been fully equipped with hundreds of well-armed warships and over 100,000 well-trained troops, the mighty Mongol army led by the most brilliant and successful military commanders of all time with the greatest military strategy of Sun Tzu, was totally bitterly defeated, not once but three times by the Vietnamese; and the decisive victory of the Vietnamese army led by Hưng Đạo Đại Vương Trần Quốc Tuấn against the invading powerful Mongol army in the bloody battle at the Bach Dang River in 1288 eventually brought an end to the earth shakers’ (the Mongols) invasion of Dai Viet as well as their dream of conquering the entire world. If the Mongol Empire had learned that the Chinese Empires before them had been bitterly kicked out of Vietnam after their 1,000-year occupation while completely failing to assimilate the Vietnamese, the mighty Mongol Empire would have never even thought of invading Vietnam.

Powell couldn't be more wrong. A Mongol commander of the first class order like Jebe would not take on a recon job.

The great raid is an actual recon historical event which suits Genghis way of war. Recon for intelligence…then actual commitment of troops for battle. Its hardly an actual quest for conquest.

Can you do a video on southeast Asia regarding the Khmer Empire? In 1283, Kublai Khan' general Sogetu who was the governor of Guangzhou province threatened the empire. In 1296, a diplomat possibly sent by the Khan, one named Zhou Daguan stayed at Angkor for a year documented the every day life of ancient Angkor.

perfect… excellent portrayal of gengghis khan number one general… yes… despite commoners witnessing the mass killings, everyone could only express facial awe of admiration unbelievable that subutai sword killing is very beautiful to watch a warrior gracefully beautifully dancing with his sword… that resulted to commoners BLAMING incompetent corrupt generals of the central plains and refused talking about the whereabouts of subutai or whoever mongol warrior… yes… the portraying subutai as fat or khublai khan as fat is some kind of mockery of bootlicking storytellers for their lords in the central plains… bulky-bodied warriors got portrayed by painters in the central plains as fat-bodied… well, thats the fun of storytelling… there were also historians who wrote with personal denominations personal grudges prejudices… like how the west portrayed the brave fighters of the qing dynasty as "yellow peril"… mutilated stalin-soviets as "sociopath" murderer of millions… instead of telling their lords: put an end to your EXCESSIVE OPPRESSION, so your descendants dont see another stalin or another yellow peril in the africa continent…

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