Steelers Country

Steelers Country

This is Market Street, the main drag in Brownsville, PA just a few years ago. All these buildings were of historic status and seemed like they would be around forever. I am not sure what happened but since this was taken in 2010 most of these are now gone. Taking a second look it is apparent that even at this point many of these were already abandoned. You can see on Google Maps that three of the five in this row are now missing:,-79.8806694,3a,75y,39.53h,…

It is also interesting to see here the vibrancy of the pub in the first building. Apone’s Bar and Restaurant was still a popular spot in town at this time. The owner died in 2013 and the place is now closed. The yellow brick facade appears to be an early or mid century one applied to a much older Federal style stone building that fit with the neighboring buildings in the row.

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