SCITUS Know, Understand Rapid Lead Test Kit (30 Swabs)- Suitable for use on Housepaint Results in 30 seconds, Just dip in vinegar to use, each swab detects lead in house painted surfaces

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Product Description

lead swabs in viallead swabs in vial

-Discover the reliability, speed, and convenience of Scitus Lead Testing Swabs for your home. Built on proven chemistry, our swabs are produced in our own facility. Don’t endanger your family when you can get accurate results in just 30 seconds.

-Our simple, four-step instruction process makes it easy for anyone to use. Simply clean area in your house that you want to test, dip the swab in household vinegar until it turns a yellow mustard color, apply to the test area rub for 30 seconds or until you see a color change, then read the results. A color change to pink, violet, or purple indicates the presence of lead.

-Please note that when testing non-housepaint items false negatives may occur for a variety of reasons and factors it is not appropriate to use Scitus or another brand of swabs on consumer goods. Dangerous levels for children and adults may be found on objects whose surfaces either hide the lead from the swabs, or have levels of lead that are low enough that it is not readily detectable by the test, but if handled by a person will put off an amount of lead which if consumed would be harmful.

-For homes with multiple layers of paint take care to test all layers, you can do this by cutting a v shaped notch into the wall, by creating a ravine you will expose all layers of paint- rub the swab inside the ravine to detect hidden, historical lead on your walls.

-Clean-up is a breeze with Scitus Lead Testing Swabs. Our swabs are activated by vinegar from your own kitchen!

-Each package contains 30 high-quality lead detection swabs. When you run a cost comparison, you’ll find that Scitus offers the most economical option on the market without compromising on quality. At Scitus we batch test our production runs to ensure accuracy and reliability of our testing products.

-Use Scitus Lead Testing Swabs to find lead on house paint, our swabs offer the most economical, scientifically formulated home chemical lead testing solution available on the market today.

-This product is designed for use on house paint; it is not designed for use on non-painted surfaces – including ceramics and enamels (pottery, china, stoneware, dishware, tiles, bath tubs, etc.).

As with all tests similar to this one, if testing a metallic surface there will be a positive looking reaction if zinc is present.

Scitus LogoScitus Logo

Scitus Lead Test KitScitus Lead Test Kit

Scitus Lead Testing Advantage

Our Swab testing kit contains 30 swabs, enough for 30 tests around your home, allowing you to not just test your project area but other areas which may pose a risk to your family’s health. We only ask that you bring your own white vinegar to activate them, this ensures we can keep costs down by not mailing liquids to you, so we can pass those savings on to you! Your family’s safety is our priority, Scitus Lead Test Swabs provide effective and cost effective detection of high levels of lead around your home.

Testing Lead PaintTesting Lead Paint

Before Home Improvement

Test areas of your house you plan to work on, testing for lead prior to the start of a home improvement project can help protect your family and keep lead remediation costs down.

Test Lead At HomeTest Lead At Home

Testing Questionable Areas For Lead

Test areas of your house you suspect may contain lead, we have frequently been contacted by family’s who’s children have tested positive for lead. After learning this, they have used our swabs to test areas of their homes and find the source. Lead exposure can be crippling to a developing brain, its best to be proactive about lead!

Positive TestPositive Test

Positive Result

This is an example of a likely positive test result, note the obvious crimson color change at the tip of the swab. This area should not be sanded or disturbed until lead safe guards are put into place.

Negative Lead TestNegative Lead Test

A Likely Negative Result

This is an example of a likely negative test, the absence of a crimson color change indicates that no lead has reacted with the swab. This test is not intended to replace a professional inspection, if you suspect lead it is always best to contact a professional lead abatement contractor.

Testing Lead PaintTesting Lead Paint

Home Improvement Project

Test Lead At HomeTest Lead At Home

Potential Lead Hazards

Positive TestPositive Test

Positive Result

Negative Lead TestNegative Lead Test

Negative Result

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 3.43 x 1.26 x 1.26 inches; 0.71 Ounces
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 1, 2019
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

MADE IN THE USA: Our tests are manufactured in the United States for 100% quality assurance. since 2019 we have offered this product, our lead test swabs contain 4mg of the active ingredient, delivering accurate, fast and reliable lead testing results for personal and professional use.
FOR USE ON PAINTED SURFACES: Our convenient lead check swabs are perfect for testing walls, floors, baseboards, ceilings and any painted surface in your home or office. Compact and easy-to-use, these lead check swabs are also perfect supplies for real estate agents, renters, and anyone wanting to test for lead paint in new homes.
ZINC DETECTION: If testing a metal surface, a positive reaction may indicate the presence of zinc. To rule out false positives, dip the swab tip in lemon juice for 10 minutes post-test.
30 HIGH-QUALITY LEAD CHECK SWABS: Each package includes 30 lead detection swabs. Affordable and high-performing, Scitus Labs offers the best value lead paint testing kit. These are designed for use on painted surfaces – not unpainted surfaces such as ceramics and enamels (pottery, china, stoneware, dishware, tiles, bath tubs, etc.).
CERAMICS: While our testing swabs are not intended for use on ceramics, they will detect high levels of lead on the surface. However this does not guarentee the ceramics are lead free, look up your dishes online even if they appear to be negative!






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