Russian ships, tanks and troops on the move to Ukraine as peace talks stall

Russian ships, tanks and troops on the move to Ukraine as peace talks stall

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> A channel run by Belarusian rail workers says that 33 military echelons have arrived in Belarus from Russia with an average of 50 cars per train over the past 7 days compared to 29 over an entire month for the Zapad 2021 exercise. They claim 200 echelons are scheduled to arrive.

> We’ll jam Nato radars in Baltics, install SAM and anti-naval missiles on Gotland isle, proclaim Baltic sea a non-flying zone, and occupy Baltic states with our little green men”: on main Russian state TV channel

Why the fuck, after everything we’ve been through and known and learned as a civilization, are we still doing this shit?

How the fuck do villains like this still exist?

How the fuck are we staring down war with nuclear powers after so many atrocities just in the past century alone?

How the fuck are there still anti-vaxxers and flat earthers?

Why the fuck are we still basing laws and policies on draconian principles, from people who literally believe in magic wizards?

Why the fuck do people still literally believe in magic wizards?

Why the fuck are we allowing the rich to take so much control after fighting so hard for social equality after *millennia*?

Why the fuck don’t we learn?!


Edit – [A brilliantly succinct explanation of what’s happening in Ukraine and why]( We should be posting this link in every Russia/Ukraine news story.

There aren’t any peace talks. Putin thinks the world can’t see right through his text book expansionism strategies but they are calling his bluff. Part of the strategy is playing the victim, pretending NATO are the ones being hyper agressive and he’s just moving his troops poised for invasion to “defend” Russia from a threat that doesn’t exist. Peace talks are just another example of Russia trying to leverage the fear of war into getting what they want. This type of posturing is classic Putin, his master skill is convincing that he has more power and strength than he does to manipulate others. Yet the problem is this time is that nobody’s falling for it.

“I’ll do it! I will! I really will do it I promise you! I’m not joking! I’m really really serious this time!”

Let nobody be mistaken that if war should accidentally break out it will be because Putin decided to play war games and gamble with lives.

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> Russia has sent troops more than 4,000 miles to Ukraine's borders and announced sweeping naval drills as Moscow expands its preparations for a potential attack on Ukraine as negotiations appear at a deadlock.

> Six Russian landing ships capable of carrying main main battle tanks, troops and other military vehicles travelled through the Channel en route to the Mediterranean last week in a deployment that could bolster an amphibious landing on Ukraine's southern coast if Vladimir Putin orders an attack.

> Mi-17 transport helicopters originally meant for use in Afghanistan to Ukraine instead.Belarus mapThe decision to fast-track arms to Ukraine reflects an understanding that Russia could launch an attack at any moment.

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Putting all of humanity on edge, threatening WW3, for what exactly? What on earth is so damned important it’s worth risking millions of lives?

So, Putin is moving troops, ships, tanks in order to invade Ukraine, threatening NATO, US, UK and the EU just to make Russian people overlook the internal problems of the country (failing economy, increased coronavirus contagion, less growth of population), using the propaganda “West is the enemy and we are the good guys”.
Vlad you are a lowlife.

If Putin thinks he can rebuild a Stalin style empire and sustain it, he’s completely wrong . These idiots just don’t learn from history

This seems like such a boneheaded move on Russia’s part.

They aren’t exactly a wealthy nation and things could go south for them.

“I swear we’re not invading” – Putin as he moves additional forces to the border of a country that isn’t capable of attacking them.

Is it really “peace talks” when one party is “we want your territory” and the other party is “please leave us alone”?

Say they do in invade, and the west sends forces to help repel them, would it actually be a world war or just everyone vs Russia? Would China get involved etc.?

There’s a phrase more people should be familiar with, to understand what’s happening a little:

” War is the continuation of politics by other means ”

It’s the basic premise that dictates military interventionism anywhere in the world, by anyone. It may seem obvious (and already was considered so when this was written some 200 years ago), but there’s a specific context to consider. At the core of what Russia is doing are specific political objectives and also political conflicts it wants to control. It appears that Putin believes these cannot be resolved or achieved without the use of military violence.

I see that many in the comments are approaching this from a western perspective. That it’s ridiculous a country would still think this way in the 21st century, that we should’ve evolved beyond this, or that it’s unlikely that Putin will follow through because he doesn have enough ‘public support’.

First, it’s important to remind yourself that contemporary global governance is still almost entirely built on a foundation of euro-atlantic & western values. Supported by institutions mostly shaped and built by western powers after WW2, reinforced after the fall of the Soviet Union (the UN, NATO, the WTO etc.), and that it’s the west that is prosperous and peaceful beyond anywhere else in the world. Simply put, for us the international order makes sense. Importantly, the west being the powers that occupy the top of the global totem pole, we also rarely if ever feel a pressing *need* to use offensive violence to achieve our aims. For the most part, things are as we want them to be. And if they are not, we’ll play the competition game mostly through the international institutions and all sorts of non-military means to isolate and neuter opposition.

Over the last decade especially there’s been a rising challenge to that global system and our assumptions and logic. Prominently by China and Russia. China for its part forwarding an alternative to western ideals of democratic governance, individual rights and free-market capitalism, positing that its political and economic systems are better. Russia in rejecting western internationalism and framing the world as a place of competition between states in the same way that it was pre-WW2, in which it’s either win or lose. And if we’re to believe Putin, Russia has lost far too much in the last 30 years. Economically and geopolitically.

To get to the point of public support – an important realisation is that it’s not necessary for Putin to have more than 50% of the popular vote to execute his vision. Russia is a democracy in name only, and there is no real threat to Putin’s power. Opposition has never really been allowed to manifest, and whatever opposition remains is ensured to always be the worse choice. The man has been in power for almost 25 years now, and he’ll probably remain in power for some time to come.

Its Russia’s Viet Nam. Russia’s young and poor will be the ones dying while Putin’s cronies eat caviar and drink vodka

Hi – can someone ELI5 what’s going on here, why Russia want to invade? Or give me some links to read about the history?

This is what I do in Civilization.. Move my army to the border of another country. They say hey I see your troops if you’re going to invade let’s go. Oh no my troops are just hanging out… Were not planning anything. 5 turds after DECLARE WAR

The Russian Navy is planning to do exercises 240km off the Irish coast at the start of the month. Obviously these are aimed at intimidating Britain not Ireland but the fact they don’t care that we are in the way isn’t exactly comforting.

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