PostgreSQL tutorial for beginners 2021: setup postgreSQL and pgAdmin | postgreSQL .csv import

Watch a postgreSQL tutorial for beginners designed by Railsware Academy. Setup postgreSQL & pgAdmin from scratch, create servers, databases, schemas, and tables. Learn how to import data from .csv to postgreSQL in just a few clicks!
Use a practice sheet designed by Railsware Academy:

What you will need to download:
postgreSQL for Mac:
postgreSQL for Windows:

Learn more about localhost:
Discover how schemas work:

00:42 – Download and setup postgreSQL (Mac example)
01:37 – Download and setup pgAdmin
02:26 – pgAdmin structure
02:59 – Localhost server in postgreSQL
03:58 – Create a database in postgreSQL
04:21 – What is a schema? Public schema in postgreSQL
05:23 – How to create a table in postgreSQL
06:10 – How to create fields, select data types, and set SQL constraints in postgreSQL
08:42 – Import data from csv to postgreSQL

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29 replies on “PostgreSQL tutorial for beginners 2021: setup postgreSQL and pgAdmin | postgreSQL .csv import”

Thank you for the tutorial! Would you kindly let me know what is the difference between data type with parenthesis and the one without parenthesis? (e.g. "char" and "char[]")?

Wow, this is THE BEST beginner instructional video I've found on postgreSQL. It's clear, concise and does not skip anything important. Very, very good teaching style, thank you. I'll be watching a lot more of these RailAcademy videos and hopefully finally learn how to use postgreSQL. Cheers!

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