MySQL Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course]

MySQL tutorial for beginners – Learn MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database.
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0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:02 What is SQL?
0:04:24 Cheat Sheet
0:04:50 Installing MySQL on Mac
0:09:48 Installing MySQL on Windows
0:15:08 Creating the Databases for this Course
0:23:40 The SELECT Statement
0:29:30 The SELECT Clause
0:38:18 The WHERE Clause
0:43:35 The AND, OR, and NOT Operators
0:51:38 The IN Operator
0:54:41 The BETWEEN Operator
0:56:53 The LIKE Operator
1:02:31 The REGEXP Operator
1:11:51 The IS NULL Operator
1:14:18 The ORDER BY Operator
1:21:23 The LIMIT Operator
1:24:50 Inner Joins
1:33:16 Joining Across Databases
1:36:03 Self Joins
1:40:17 Joining Multiple Tables
1:47:03 Compound Join Conditions
1:50:44 Implicit Join Syntax
1:53:04 Outer Joins
1:59:31 Outer Join Between Multiple Tables
2:05:50 Self Outer Joins
2:08:02 The USING Clause
2:13:25 Natural Joins
2:14:46 Cross Joins
2:18:01 Unions
2:26:29 Column Attributes
2:29:54 Inserting a Single Row
2:35:40 Inserting Multiple Rows
2:38:58 Inserting Hierarchical Rows
2:44:51 Creating a Copy of a Table
2:53:38 Updating a Single Row
2:57:33 Updating Multiple Rows
3:00:47 Using Subqueries in Updates
3:06:24 Deleting Rows
3:07:48 Restoring Course Databases

If you’re looking for a complete SQL tutorial for beginners with examples, this tutorial is a great way to learn SQL basics. Just follow through and you’ll be able to write SQL queries in no time.

SQL, short for Structured Query Language, is a language used by software developers, data scientists and anyone who works with data. With SQL, you can store data in relational databases and write queries to extract valuable information.

There are various database management systems (DBMS) that support SQL but each product has its own implementation of SQL. In this course, we’ll be using MySQL to learn SQL. MySQL is the most popular free and open-source database management system in the world. If you use a different DBMS (eg SQL Server), you can still benefit from this course as 90% of the skills you’ll learn in this course can be transferred to other database management systems.


34 replies on “MySQL Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course]”

Hi MOSH, like always, is perfect. Thanks. BUT JUST A WARNING: in SECTION 03:06:36 , ✓ Deleting Rows✓ , In subquery part, in SELECT section, Should replace * signe by column name(by client_id), you wrote: >> SELECT client_id <<, but it don't works

Thanks, Mosh for this great lesson-While downloading MySQL, at the phase of installing the samples and examples product, it brings up a dialog box with " No compatible servers were found. You will need to cancel this wizard and install one". I'm stuck. How do I fix this, please?

Hi Mosh,

AT 02:46:50 copy table:

If you want to have the same defenitions for the new tablle as from the origianal table use:
CREATE TABLE new_table LIKE original_table; — only copies the table defenitions without records,

and after that:
INSERT INTO new_table SELECT * FROM original_table; — filling the tabel with record from the origional table.

So in this case:
CREATE TABLE orders_archieved LIKE orders;
INSERT INTO orders_archieved SELECT * FROM orders;

Thanks for this video.

Thank you Sir for this course. Sir, I have a doubt in inner join clause at 1:30:00. When you have used select clause to return order_id, orders.customer_id then the table returned is sorted according to customer_id but the primary key in orders table is order_id. I didn't able to understand it. Please help!!!

In the exercise provided at 1 hr 9mins in the video, isn't it wrong to use REGEX for first question where we specifically want first names to be elka or ambur? Won't the regex also return values if they were 'helka' or 'hambur' or something with these two strings in them?

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I can't download the Scripts to create the databases, Mosh can you help me providing another link to download the scripts, it would be very much helpful for me
. You're the best mentor, I have learned python from your channel

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