MySQL IN 10 MINUTES | Introduction to Databases, SQL, & MySQL

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This tutorial provides and introduction to Databases, SQL and the open source relational database- MySQL.

Video Timestamps:

00:12 Introduction to Databases
04:56 Introduction to SQL
06:53 Introduction to MySQL

One thing you’ll notice when studying programming languages is that the concepts you encounter are interrelated. This means focusing on a single topic can hardly deliver the content that must be explained in its entirety. To this story, SQL makes no exception. Despite that, we must start from somewhere, right?

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30 replies on “MySQL IN 10 MINUTES | Introduction to Databases, SQL, & MySQL”

Really nice and clear video! thank you!!! I have 0 knowledge in SQL or MySQL I not even know why one has My. well, I am handling lots of Covid data sets in excel, but I would love to jump in to have that data store in a dBase availabe to be manipulated in SQL or MySQL. how can I start doing the connection? thanks for any advice

I got a question, i got accidently i want to install mysql community server but my kali linux installed maria db. After a long errors, then my sql can open but when i am using command sudo mysql -u root it not show mysql but mariadb. Did it problem or more better, which i need to know is if we are using mysql using mariadb database did it has special treatment or special command or not? Thanks a lot

So how do you create a program to gather the data that you want. How do you use that query and integrated to a program. Can you ssh to the database and display this program on the screen. Let the user input the data.

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