My dad sent this to the family group πŸ‘πŸ» shit got dark real fast XD

My dad sent this to the family group πŸ‘πŸ» shit got dark real fast XD

My dad sent this to the family group πŸ‘πŸ» shit got dark real fast XD from terriblefacebookmemes

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Sure its greatly exaggerated but lots of the stuff shown has happened (like the girl killing herself after a video went viral/got too much attention). This gotta be one of the first videos in this sub I have to give credit for making a point.

Actually a really good and well made animation. Love the kind of Betty boop style. Maybe going a bit too far on the side of technology and advancement are evil and actually dragging us back message.

We all have supercomputers in our pockets it’s just what we decide to do with them that can make us depressed or effect our lives In bad ways.

I recently deleted Facebook for the first time since I was like 12 I had to delete the app and block it from my browser as I kept going to where the app used to be and trying to open it. And Facebook for me was a heavy source of depression.

Everyone posting fantastical, unrealistic glimpses into what their lives are like and then you compare your self and yours and beat yourself up but your only seeing what they specifically want you to see.

And don’t get me started on “articles” with intentionally misleading and controversial headlines so that arguments break out in the comments because of Facebook posts all traffic is good traffic as far the Facebook page runners are concerned.

Amount of heated arguments I used to always find myself in on Facebook being an asshole to someone because we disagree in something that really really doesn’t matter at all (usually something to do with videogames)

Edit: Thank you everyone who’s made me realise that i just had to press enter twice and then it’d properly split the lines when using mobile. I feel rather stupid now.

Tried to edit with more spaces hopefully more tolerable to read now.

Older generation hates on the younger, who’d have guessed that

EDIT: thx for telling me, I didn’t know the author isn’t a boomer and is in fact part of the aforementioned young generation.

What frustrates me about this animation is that it has been appropriated by older generations to establish some sort of superiority complex over younger generations. As if to say “we weren’t like this growing up! We lived in the moment every day!” As if newspapers and television didn’t exist.

Exaggerated yes. But it’s not simply phone bad it’s the effect of technology on our societies that we aren’t really paying full attention too, clearly certain negative signs are there. It doesn’t mean technology bad but we have to weigh it’s effects and how we use it.
And too some extent older generations have seen how communities have changed and will provide a lens on all of this which is quite important for the discourse.
At the same time everything can’t be linked to technology. This just points to the issue at hand but nothing else that too very exaggerated

It’s a well done animation, absolutely. But it seems some watchers are misinterpreting the message. It’s definitely not about simply ‘technology bad, urgh!’ but about the way(!) technology is misused by some.

Cyber bullying has been a thing since the early 2000s and surely didn’t get any better by having your internet access point in your pocket all the time with you.

Finding matches on dating apps sure is a cool and quick way to get to know new people but – come on… There surely are some Chad’s only being on ‘meat hunt’ like shopping online for shoes.

So remember: This is not just about technology but the way (some) people use it.

I was listening to Fake Plastic Trees by Radiobead when I watched this. It made this video feel a bit too real and not so much like a terrible FB meme…

Over exaggerated yes but alot of this kind of shit does happen. It would be pure denial to throw this off as “phone bad hahaha”.

It’s not bad, it isn’t the typical smart phone bad, it’s about people distracting themselves from reality so they don’t have to deal with it.

Well, this is a good animation. It shows the bad sides of the internet. It doesn’t show the good ones, how it connects us with people from all over the world. It shows that it detachrs us from the things right sroubd us. And that is true.

Everything comes with good and bad sides. This comes from someone who was born in the 80s and knows rhe before and after of the internet, as well as that awkward phase when it all started and we didn’t really know what to make of it.

This type of boomer crap doesn’t really tug at no heartstrings. What is it they think they have lost from their perfect childhood, a time where they took milk away from school children, further drove a wedge in the poverty divide through industry closure and chemically castrated and used electrotherapy to cure homosexuality.

Moby & the Void Pacific Choir ‘Are You Lost in the World Like Me?’

I actually think it’s a very powerful animation and song.

The worst think about this type of boomer thinking is that it just wants to slap a sticker of “PHONE BAD” and pretend to be more enlightened than the “sheeples”, without actually addressing issues of social media in any sort of nuanced meaningful or productive way.

boomerest thing i have ever seem.
especially the animal send to slaughter house part, i eat meat i won’t save them even i am not on my phone.

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