MongoDB in NodeJS – Hosting a local database (2020) [Episode #1]

Interesting in learning MongoDB using NodeJS? In this series we cover exactly that. In this first video I’ll be showing you how to host a local MongoDB server on your own computer.

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🕐 Timestamps:
00:00 Installing MongoDB
01:35 Running MongoDB
04:04 Connecting MongoDB Compass
04:56 Outro

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31 replies on “MongoDB in NodeJS – Hosting a local database (2020) [Episode #1]”

need help to set per server settings but mongodb dont save the thinks and i dont get errors (i use mongodb with a user on a seperate server and i can connect to it) so maiby you can help (i already asked on your dc but no one reply there)

Fantastic Tutorial. For anyone watching who did not have a bin folder with mongod.exe after installation, I had the same issue and it was resolved by reinstalling and selecting custom instead of complete. Hope this helps someone

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