Mom, I’m popular!

Mom, I’m popular!

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My family is pretty well-known in my hometown due to my dad’s respect from when he was a cop, and he knew everyone, so much so that when he passed away nearly three quarters of the town came to the funeral. My mom, brother, and sister are way too social for their own good.

Then there is me, popular kids liked me but I didn’t care much for them. I just chose to hang out with my also introverted best friend since she’s actually interesting, and similar to me so I still have her in my life due to that despite the heavy dislike most people from my hometown, and neighboring college town have towards her for the stupidest reasons.

This was me in high school. One of the most popular kids in school… association. I preferred it that way anyway.

I remember I had a friend who had a whole group she would hang out with and the first time I hung out with them, they already knew my name and everything. So it was really awkward for me because she never introduced them to me, so I had no idea what their names even were, but they knew mine. It took some time to indirectly figure out their names.

nah, my friends don’t introduce me to anyone i know and i only know 2 people who are extremely popular

Introverted me who was known by everyone because I told a girl who my crush was, she then proceeded to tell my crush and everyone else in school.

Used to be same for me but in 3 years i went from relying on him to having my own circle of friends who isn’t part of his circle. While i am also part of his social circle if we fight i don’t gave to worry about my social life. The trick is to become friends with anyone who is new. While it may feel weired these people don’t have any friends yet so you being Thier first friend keeps them loyal. While it is usually only 2 new ppl combine that with 3 years and you get 6 really loyal friends with that you can make a friend group.

Popular in school is a complete waste of time, at least for me.
Having too much friends and lost my free time. I really regret for being popular.

Source me.

Had a friend like that in junior high. He taught me how to be more social and was always very supportive.

That was long ago. I’m still an introvert at heart, but have no problem handling having a very social job. My buddy and I are still very close.

Awe. This reminds me of elementary school and I was the extrovert. I adopted my introvert Sarah in grade 1 all the way to high school then she found her own introverts haha.

You need both to create the yin and yang. Harmony.

So some people become the foundation for their friend group.

In my high school group, it was all one guy. He wasn’t just the foundation, he was the foundation, all four walls, the roof, and the guy inside offering refreshments to anyone who comes by.

He was determined to be my friend. I was determined to be not be anyone’s friend. 9th grade math class, first period. Every day he would sit next to me and go “Dooooooxx!” And every day I would punch him in the kneecap for his trouble. This happened for a while. We were both determined, but he was more so. He got my number (back when they published big books with phone numbers and names, and you called a land line). Called me.


“Never call me again.” *click*



“Ugh what do you even WANT from me?!”

“Come hang out.”

“If I do will you stop bothering me?”


“Fine, where?”

I am so glad he was more determined than me.

I’m a mental case but I was always that weird silent X’s friend. Even to this day I don’t have a support person (my hubby) in a group I’m like an orphan duckling.

This is weirdly relatable.

I’m a pretty weird guy, quite introverted, and one of my closest friends is a bit of a bro.

Hate to say that about him because he’s maybe the nicest guy on the face of the earth but he has a lot of fratty Chads (and some decent guys as well) in his social circle that all know me as the weird kid. One of his friends from his bachelor party was a roided out secret service officer who had the biggest hard on for Trump (we are from Florida, we’re all a bit off but this dude was concerning, even to a Florida Man).

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