Mexican journalist Lourdes Maldonado was murdered yesterday. Her dog is still waiting for her today.

Mexican journalist Lourdes Maldonado was murdered yesterday. Her dog is still waiting for her today.

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[Here is more information about Ms. Maldonado]( She is the second journalist to be killed in Tijuana this week, and the [third journalist in Mexico killed so far this year]( Picture comes from [this source](

A more faithful defender than the humans she appealed to for help.

“Comfort the afflicted. Afflict the comfortable.” This dog honors Mexico’s heroes better than its leaders do. Menos que perros.

As someone who truly loves Mexico, this is heartbreaking. If Mexico can ever break this cycle, it will be a paradise.

Weird back n forth on this thread about the drug wars but wasn’t this journalist covering the corruption of the Tijuana government and overall Baja California and not the cartels directly?

I’m so torn about this fucking website. It’s a great place for strange information you won’t find other places. But occasionally it makes me so fucking sad that it ruins my day.

This is fucking heartbreaking.

It is really sad! The number of environmentalists, journalist and political activist being murdered in south and central America should raise an alarm among the world leaders, but sadly, they are placed by our government to make sure we receive low cost items and labor and minerals from those countries and no one cares about a few “trouble makers” getting lynched or killed every other day.

Keep in mind she appeared on public television, she told the president live she feared for her life because she won a case against the ex governor of the state of Baja California and the president just dismissed it like it didn’t matter. I hate this country so much

This might get buried but worth a shot, just trying to give some perspective on this awful crime. This same journalist was present in the president’s daily [press conference ]( to ask for protection from one of AMLO’s closest collaborators (Jaime Bonilla) who later became the governor of Baja California, where she was killed. They had an 8 years long labor dispute which she ultimately won just 5 days ago.

The fact that she feared for her life, and that this crime happened right after she won the legal dispute makes it highly likely that she was murdered by Jaime Bonilla. The president, when asked about it during his daily press conference today (where he constantly attacks journalists by name), said there was no reason to link these two facts and that these crimes are used by his political adversaries to attack him.

This death is on AMLO, the Mexican government has no intention to stop crimes against journalists, and may very well be involved in these and many other crimes.

Someone take that dog to her body. I worked in funeral services for about 1,5 years and even if they’re no longer recognisable (as long as they’re not burned beyond recognition) that doggy will recognise it’s her. Dogs can mourn too and it’ll be better than a Seymour scenario where they don’t know what happened to her.

Nearly spat my drink out reading someone trying to compare what’s happening in Mexico as

#not that bad, it’s just like Detroit in the US

*What*. What the *fuck*. It was the equivalent of reading,

>3.5 roetgen, not great not terrible

Holy **fuck**

First off, some important data.

>Mexicos population: 131 million

>total homicide per year: **30,000**, approximately 40-60% estimated gang violence or political suppression

>USA population: 332 Million

200 million more people.

>approximately 15,000 homicides per year, gang related violence death across all 50 states, 15-20% of which is suspected gang related.

While no data on political suppression outside of domestic terrorism (less than 100 for the year, either way) let’s now look at reporting.

>within the USA

Approximately 60 reporters disappeared or killed **since 1839**

>within Mexico

70-100 *IN TEN YEARS*

This doesn’t count activists, or other crimes like rape or human trafficking. You are completely talking out your ass to make it seem like just because there are “functioning” parts of Mexico that the situation isn’t “*that bad*” and trying to imply youre taking just as much risk visiting Detroit as you are Mexico, which is a horrendous comparison given the continental USA has six times the fucking land mass of Mexico which means you have *quite a lot more options* to escape violence. Most of the homicides in America *are not* gang related or targeting political activists. While that statistic of American crime is **25% higher than any point in the past 100 years**, there’s only a 3% increase in violent crimes, meaning these deaths are largely staying within low socio economic zones and not spreading to other areas of town.

Had I been comparing 2019s USA data to Mexico in 2019, you’d be about **8 times more likely** to die of a homicide in Mexico, (excluding kidnapping/human trafficking, which is also significantly higher), and of those homicides, a 70% chance it’s due to organized crime.

**tl;dr** No, Mexico isn’t an uninhabitable country. However, portraying it’s problems as isolated or “just like avoiding Detroit” compared to a country 3x its population and **six times larger** is quite, quite profoundly short sighted. Mexico has a problem lads, even if it’s the US causing it.

PSA for pet lovers: let them see the corpse so they know they person is dead, no matter what. Dogs are better than us, they deserve to know the truth

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