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Reminds me of a time someone asked me to take a photo of their group. I did and was trying to just tap the bottom right corner to open the pic as I handed the phone back to her, but I missed so I tapped again and she thought I was browsing through her pics 🙃

I didn’t realize what happened until later.

Haha. I had this happen to me on New Year’s Eve , it was a whole group of at least 3 families with kids and all. I was sitting next to where they decided to take a picture. After I handed the phone back they were real quiet and then they just started taking the group pics as a selfie. It was super awkward.

I was with a group at Mt. Rushmore and we asked a lady to take a pic of us. She did, but Rushmore was completely cut out of the background. We just hung around and played it cool for a few minutes then asked someone else to take it lol

Anytime someone asks me to take a picture of them with their phone I always make sure to switch cameras and sneak in a selfie too.

Almost always gets a good laugh out of people

When people ask me to take their photo, I always make sure to take a selfie as the group gets ready.

Gives the group a good laugh and story to share throught the years.

I once asked a group if they knew how to use a camera, in which one took offense and replied *”how hard is it to take a photo?”.* My follow up to that was saying how great that was and if one of them wouldn’t mind taking a photo of me and my partner as I didn’t have my tripod on me at the time.

The one who made the remark about taking photos gave my camera one good look (gx85 with a canon 50mm film lens at the time) and said *”I don’t know how to use that.”* and turned away.

I’ll still never forget that. And I do believe it stemmed from how I phrased the question, but truth is that a camera could be a many number of things. Not just a phone.

I warn people in advance that I’m a terrible photographer and they should ask someone else. Never deters them though…

I’ve been following this stitch and it doesn’t look anything like the pattern photo for knitting. Anyway, I kinda get where this guy is coming from.

Same thing happens with directions. One time I had just literally just given a man directions and the I’m walking away, I look back and he’s asking another passerby for directions.

very hurtful cause I give good directions.

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