Laptop Hardware – CompTIA A+ 220-1001 – 1.1

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Laptop hardware requires a different perspective when compared to desktop computer systems. In this video, you’ll learn about laptop keyboards, storage, memory, wireless adapters, and more.
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50 replies on “Laptop Hardware – CompTIA A+ 220-1001 – 1.1”

I’ve been studying for a bit so I have exam objectives pulled up and I will read A+ for dummies and trying to watch all of Messer videos pertaining to those objectives plus I try to quiz myself and go over the flashcards on Quizlet

Hey Professor Messer, I have a question. In the video you described the 1.8 inch form factor of SSD as being an older version and not that common in current laptops because the form factors are able to get smaller and smaller in laptops, and this confused me because wouldn't the 2.5 inch form factors be the older version and the 1.8 inch form factor be the new version because the 1.8 inch is the smaller form factor?

To anyone who has obtained their A+ certification, I wanted to ask if I can pass by just using Prof. Messers' videos or if I have to buy a book to help alongside these videos. If it's the latter, what book do you recommend? I appreciate any/all responses.

In my CompTIA Certification Journey, I passed the first class associated directly with the Core 1 (1001) exam but failed it with a score of 630 and not the target *675*. I'm studying again rn so I can retake it early next year. Your video series is exactly what I needed bc the textbook is actually really good, but in conjunction with your video-teaching I can become more well-rounded. I heavily appreciate everything you've contributed to in this tech-based community

My first day of studying for a+ 1 and 2 i hope it goes well ,so exited to change careers (former truck driver) going to use this videos, his notes, and an ITU UNI video series. anything else i should buy or get to take the exams?

question, does anyone recommend the official comptia A+ study guide? i purchased my voucher for 1001 and it came with the Ebook. Already I'm having trouble following the exam objectives because lesson one is talking about exam obj 3.5 and lesson 9 is actually in line with 1.1 lol.

Been working IT Customer Service for 16 months. I tired watching this when I first started and couldn't focus because I was confused on some of the verbiage. Safe to say I get it after working my job and taking a course on this 1001 material. Tried security as a major for two semesters but didn't enjoy it. At least I learned some stuff and where I'm most and least inclined. Switched back to programming because that's where my joy derives from. Maybe I'll combine security and programming later down the road. I still think knowing this is important. I plan to take the exam. I'm pretty excited.

Completed my Google IT Support Professional Certificate last week. Now going through all of these videos to make sure I will pass my CompTIA A+ certification first time around. Cannot be said enough, but THANK YOU Mr. Messer as it is amazing someone would put all of these videos together for people to learn from. ESPECIALLY FOR FREE! We need more people like you in the world and I look forward to taking many hours of notes with you over the next few weeks. 😀

can someone please explain the resolution of the screen being fixed, does it mean that the screen of the laptop can not be made smaller or larger because it can be physically made larger or smaller. I'm confused because its been said the resolution is fixed are we talking about the number of pixels being fixed or the actual laptop screen size, because it kind of contradicts that resolution is fixed if we can change it.

I'd recommend dissecting your own laptop after watching this video if you have one; helps solidify the learning, especially after being traumatised by a seemingly impenetrable Toshiba laptop.

I’m a 31 year old store manager for a retail auto parts store. Last week I decided I am getting out of auto parts and going to go for a career in IT. This is my first true day of studying. If the rest of these objective based videos are in the same format as this, I believe it will be an easy task to pass the A+ test. I look forward to watching all of these videos, Reddit community speaks very highly of them as well. I will likely also buy the notes of Professor website as well as go through the 10th edition Myers book I got from amazon today. I am excited to start this.

Hey fam, wanted to post something for anyone else who is here to see if this series is a legit method of studying for CompTIA exams.

I'm 26, 2 year degree in cyber security, 10 years experience in IT, 5 of those 10 spent in a professional environment. Currently working as an IT professional at a school. Most of my school was done on Windows 7, so a lot of what I was taught is obsolete.

COVID is changing the industry and accelerating IT demand, so I want to be ready for those senior positions that open up or are created, even post-COVID. Going back to basics, I'm here and trying to tack on certs to my resume to stay competitive, and I plan to take advantage of any technological resources while I work remotely.

I'll check back in a few days and let you all know how it's going.

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