Jeremy Corbyn barred from rejoining UK Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn barred from rejoining UK Labour party

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As an American that tries to follow UK news, can someone explain to me where the rumors of Corbyn being anti-Semitic came from?

Anyone claiming there isn’t a media smear is full of shit, remember corbyn being described as riding a “chairman mao style bicycle” or when the impartial BBC had a huge background of him photoshopped in front of the fucking kremlin.

edit: for people saying they did the same for gavin williamson, they used a normal pic of him. For Corbyn they literally photoshopped his picture to make it look soviet and put him in front of the Kremlin whereas for Williamson he was off to the side and it was a normal image of him

So many young people wanted him as leader, never seen anything like it UK politics where so many cheered for a leader like him. The way I see it, is the people with the real power have pretty much controlled both of the main parties so its never really mattered who you voted for, you will still going to get similar things. Then Corbyn became leader, those powers lost control, he started gaining a huge following and they saw him as a threat, not to democracy but to their control. These so called people control the media as well and you never once saw anything positive about him.

All you needed to do was look at voting history to see the type of man he was. He marched with the Drs & nurses, marched against the invasion of Iraq etc. Yet all anyone could say, is socialism and anti this and that.

He understands the issues with the climate, he puts the poorest first, wanted to give us back control over our railway which if you want to combat climate change in some way you don’t make it cheaper to fly than riding a train. He understood the future is going to be very different, like 4 day work weeks.

I saw the rallies and their were 1000s of people at them. Photos/videos were often edited in the media where it would show what looked like almost an empty room of people attending a speech, yet the photo was often of the disabled area and if you panned around, not an empty seat. I have never seen so much hate for me.

During the election, Boris literally only ever talked about Brexit, nothing else, no policies, it wasn’t an election, it was a vote on Brexit again.

I keep seeing people saying we’d be worse off now if Corbyn had won…firstly he would have attended all the cobra meetings, lockdown earlier & actually give rules people understand, not given his mates contracts to get PPE so the NHS would have been prepared, made a deal with goggle/Apple to do track & trace, given frontline staff a much better wage increase, feed the kids, no parties, stopped people flying in with all these different strains etc. Yeah that stuff sounds much worse than what we got. Oh and most of all the NHS would be protected and not being dismantled and sold off. This mandate for the NHS staff is something Boris wants cuz it means a ton of NHS staff not being able to work, which helps destroy it even quicker.

I didn’t much like Corbyn at first but then I listened to him, in person, rather than through the ‘impartial’ media. Night and day difference, the smear campaign on this man was on a whole new level. Such a shame for our country.

Only reason they didn’t try the same exact play on Bernie is because he’s Jewish. So instead they tried racism and sexism.

Corbyn is being barred for being decent and principled. Period.

Edit: upon further reading I find conflicting things about corbyn. Bernie was clearly wrongly attacked. Corbyns forward in the book “imperialism: a study” seems pretty shite. Though Its possible I’m missing something.

Edit 2: Higher up in these comments, Corbyn’s forward is explained. He didn’t actually write the comments in question. He was quoting from the original edition which was written by a guy named J. A. Hobson. Hobson was absolutely an anti-semite, and he wrote that forward for “Imperialism: a study” in 1902, 47 years before Corbyn was born.

Interesting comment on the article:

“it’s important to be factually accurate. The article claims that Corbyn “wrote that finance was controlled ‘by men of a single and peculiar race, who have behind them many centuries of financial experience’ who ‘are in a unique position to control the policy of nations’ in the foreword for a book.” The book referred to is Hobson’s 1902 “Imperialism: A Study.” In fact, Corbyn did not write these things in his forward, which I’ve just read. Hobson wrote them in the body of the work.”

He worked with Margaret hodge as a councillor she voted to destroy an ancient Jewish graveyard for profit. Jeremy Corbyn fought against it and won. He’s also supported by the many many Jews who oppose the tyranny in occupied Palestine. We had a chance to stop the sale of the Nhs end homelessness and stop the starvation of the unemployed homeless, sickest and children. Ex soldier David Clapson was left without food and died as did Errol Graham amongst too many others.

Jezza was the only true politician I’ve ever witnessed in Britain, hence why the smear campaign was so savage. But The Sun and Daily Mail will tell you otherwise.

I don’t know much British politics, but I enjoy calling Boris Johnson a pillock. The British have the most excellent insults.

Antisemitism and criticism of Israel as a state are completely different. This fact is lost on people and is used incorrectly by the strongly pro-Israel lobby which has a huge online and media presence.

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