JDH Labs Tech MEGA 2560 Starter Kit Ultra (100% Arduino IDE Compatible) w/Battery Holder, WiFi, Bluetooth, Sensors, Modules, Resistor kit and Components (no Supply)

Price: $78.80
(as of Jan 25,2022 22:58:32 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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Arduino IDE compatible board
Power means
6xAA (9VDC) 6xAA (9VDC) 5V 1.5W solar panel
Study Scope
Advanced coding applications Basic/Intermediate coding Rapid Product Prototyping / Proof of concept design Hardware Digital electronics fundamentals Hardware Analog electronics fundamentals
WiFi, Bluetooth, IR remote, RF ID WiFi, Bluetooth, IR remote, RF ID WiFi, Bluetooth, IR remote, RF ID

MEGA Ultra Kit +WiFi +BluetoothMEGA Ultra Kit +WiFi +Bluetooth


All the components that are included in the famous Arduino Starter Kit plus a lot of other modules, sensors and accessories. We offer the best quality components, modules and sensors for the benefit of our most demanding clients, students and professionals. The most complete selection of modules and components to learn applications with Arduino. Organized in a two-level box, ideal for transporting at school or in the workshop. –Does not include power supply, only battery holder for 6xAA batteries (1.5Vx6=9VDC — NOT INCLUDED) —

-Arduino MEGA R3 (generic high quality) + USB cable -6xAA Battery holder (9VDC) -WiFi ESP8266 module -Model Bluetooth Master / Slave HC-05 -Box with plastic cells (organizer of components) -Shield for prototypes + Mini-Breadboard -Large Breadboard (830 points ) -Dupont Cables 10 * Female-Female + 10 * Male-Female + 10 Male-Male -Cable Jumper for breadboard -6 Push Buttons with multicolored caps -Joystick Module type PS2
-RC-522 RFID Module with white RFID Card and RFID Keychain -High-precision RTC Real-Time Clock Module DS3231 and EEPROM AT24C32 -PIR Presence Sensor HC-SR501 -Distance measurement module HCSR04 -Sound sensor detector module with programmable threshold -LM35 temperature sensor -Tilt detector module -Servo SG90 motor -Stepper motor (5V) -Motor driver module for stepper motor ULN2003
5V Active Buzzer -5V Passive Buzzer -LCD 1602 16 characters * 2 lines -LED Display Driver MAX7219 -LED Matrix Display of 8*8 -7 Segments Display 1 digit -7 Segments Display 4 digits -Simple Relay Module – Infrared Remote Control 38kHz – 38kHz Infrared decoder receiver (type 1838) – Infrared phototransistor (Flame sensor) – Infrared LED – Light sensor (Photoresistor)
-10 * LEDs 5mm Diffused RED -10 * LEDs 5mm Diffused GREEN -10 * LEDs 5mm Diffused YELLOW -5 * LEDs 5mm Ultrabright WHITE diffused -3 * LEDs 5mm Red / Green / Blue Diffused RGB -Shift Register (Series to Parallel IC) 74HC595 – NPN Transistor BC547 – PNP Transistor BC557 – Adjustable Knob Resistor 1kOhm (Potentiometer) – Adjustable Knob Resistor 10kOhm (Potentiometer)
– Resistor Pack 1/4W 1% accuracy, with 10pz of each value: 100, 220, 330, 470, 1K, 2K2, 4k7, 10K, 22K, 47K, 100K, 220K, 1M – 40-pin header 2.54 mm -40-pin header at right angle 2.54mm -5 * Capacitors for bypass tantalum 0.1uF -5 * Jumpers for header

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