It's time. – Open Source Smartwatch

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If you build it, they (developers) will come – at least that’s the idea behind this open source smart watch.

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42 replies on “It's time. – Open Source Smartwatch”

Linus PLEASE help, I am looking for a programmable smart watch that can sense rapid arm movement (having a seizure) then the phone can send text and or email alerts to family members, doctor.

Can you suggest something (wearable sensor of some sort) and someone who can help with the coding? A sensor of any kind, if false alerts are sent its not a huge deal, the person wearing the watch can then be contacted to see if its a valid alert or not.

Also if you can suggest a in home camera that can detect rapid movement and send alerts, security system perhaps?

Thanks so much in advance.

Thank you for covering open source. People say they don't want to be controlled, but that is exactly what BigTech is doing when it tracks you. it may do it in a discreet manner like your significant other may do, but it is still control I'd rather do without. The $25 PineTime is interesting – for the price.

Wow, there's ALOT of mislabeling if you go by the LilyGo specs. For starters, to upload software into the watch, you have to hold button 1, then tap reset, then release 1. Just holding button 1 will NOT put it into programming mode. The pinouts for the TFT lists Reset and DC twice, but only the top ones are correct (DC-12,RST-33). And for a watch, I can't find any reference to a Real-Time clock unit being built into the watch. Bit of an oversight. :/

2:23 I thought that was a square or rectangular shape there. I think he should have stuck with it.
3:59 I take it you meant 40,000 pixels.
4:37 Here's why I would have stuck with the rectangular or square shape. Although, this could have been solved by moving "start" to the left a little.
Another case in point is where the t of "connect" was out of the frame.

You can also check GadgetBridge project, if you already have smartband/smartwatch. It's open-source app which allows you to use your band/watch without vendor closed source app and cloud sync.

it's also definitely worth pointing out the Bangle.js smart watch, it's not hardware open source but every single aspect of the soft/firmware can be hand written, and it's in JavaScript with the option for block programming, for those who aren't too good at programming. i actually just got myself one of them about a week ago and it's amazing

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