Is SECURE EMAIL Possible? YES! (+ the best alternatives to Gmail)

Does your email provider offer end-to-end encryption? (hint: if you use Gmail, the answer is NO). So what are the recommended alternatives to Gmail…and are they even worth it? Here’s my take.

▶ Try ProtonMail:
▶ Try Hushmail:
▶ Try Tutanota:

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Video Timestamps
0:00 – Introduction
0:18 – Why Secure Email?
1:38 – Selection Criteria for Alternatives to Gmail
2:11 – ProtonMail
3:31 – Hushmail
4:24 – Tutanota
5:13 – The Dual Email Philosophy

There are several reasons why you should start looking for an alternate email provider. In this video, I’ll explain how an alternate email could protect your most sensitive data, plus I’ll share my recommended secure email providers. Additionally, I’ll explain the dual email philosophy and why you should consider adapting to it.

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▶ Try Hushmail:
▶ Try Tutanota:
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Thanks for the great work, I have found a new internet security guru in you! I have a question for you. On dual email philosophy where you use mail forwarding to forward all sensitive email communication (e.g. OTPs from banks, 2FA codes) from public email to the secure email, I like the convenience of looking at only the important emails. However, if the public email gets hacked, can't the hacker stop the mail forwarding to secure email and start getting the new OTPs, codes etc. How do we protect against that?

Problem is not the 2FA. Problem is the instance management. When you leave your mailbox opened on some device, you should have the ability to close that instance remotely from an another device.

You might forgot to logout, which is the main reason that your Google acc hacked…¯_(ツ)_/¯

Proton mail doesn't actually give you "total" control over your privacy, They still collect some metadata from you, and if your sending to an email account, whereby the user doesn't have an associated PGP key it's not encrypted.

I want to Echo the comments Artemis stated. Question Is there a way to link the proton mail account to my mac mail app? I don't really like having to use my browser to access my mail accounts.

Hushmail. If you forget you pass phrase you're done. There is no recovery process. Anything sent to that email address is gone forever.
The best they'll do is let you create a new email and apply the unused portion of your email subscription.

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