In the Autumn Hills, #2

In the Autumn Hills, #2

Many years ago I saw four of Monet’s famous "Stacks of Wheat" in the Art Institute of Chicago.…

I’ll never forget how impressed I was over the way he took a very mundane subject and by capturing the changing light and conditions through the seasons, made it into something extraordinary. Seeing those four paintings in Chicago has left an enduring mark on how I see things.

Cut to more recently, and this year I discovered a view in Santa Clara County’s Joseph D. Grant Ranch County Park that really moved me–I loved the lines and the trees, and I made one of my favorite photos ever there. I decided I wanted to emulate the Stacks of Wheat in my own small way, so I set a plan to shoot the same view in four seasons, and then make a collage of the four.

This is autumn.

Spring is here:…

Summer is here:…

Winter is yet to come. I’m going to keep my eye on the hills behind San Jose for rare winter snow!

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