IMYMEE Wood Whittling Kit for Beginners-Complete Whittling Set with 4pcs Wood Carving Knives & 8pcs Basswood Wood Blocks-Perfect Wood Carving Kit Set-Includes Wood Carving Tools for Adults and Kids

Price: $37.99 – $32.99
(as of Feb 03, 2024 18:25:58 UTC – Details)

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How did we get started?

In a small town, Emma and Liam met, bonding over their love for wood carving art. In 2015, they founded the IMYMEE brand, offering high-quality and affordable wood carving tools to inspire others on their wood carving journey.

The core essence of the brand is?

IMYMEE brand’s core philosophy: Provide top-notch wood carving tools, ignite creativity, and let imagination flow freely.

Our Commitment

With each purchase of a wooden carving kit, we pledge to plant a sapling in the desert. Let’s join forces to contribute to the earth’s ecosystem, sowing the seeds of a hopeful forest!

【Professional Woodworking carving knife】Our wood carving knives have a sharp blade that makes them easy to use and a metal cap that holds the blade in place to prevent the blade and handle from breaking. The ergonomic rounded handle, made of walnut wood with a varnish finish, makes it soft and comfortable, making it less fatiguing to work with for long periods of time.
【Reasonable and perfect set match】The whittling knife set comes with One Portable Roll-Up Storage Bag for storage and carrying easily.Cut-resistant gloves that meet European Class 5 standards can protect your hands from cuts and scrapes. Leather strop,polishing compounds,sharpening stone can prevent the blade from rusting, making it glossier and sharper.
【All-Natural Basswood Blocks】Each Wood carving knife kit includes 8 all-natural basswood blocks and 1 Wood Carving Spoon Blank.Can be used to create unique arts and crafts.The naturalness and versatility of these Basswood blocks make them ideal for creative projects.Whittling kit can be used to create a variety of unique pieces such as spoons, bears and rabbits.
【Suitable For A Wide Range Of People】It can be given as a gift to children, beginners and professionals. If you want to give a gift full of creativity and personality, the wood carving kit is undoubtedly a perfect choice. Your Satisfaction is Very Important To IMYMEE – Purchasing our wood carving knives comes with a 12-month warranty; If the product does not meet your expectations, we will give you an immediate refund or contact us for a replacement.






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