How to Import / Export MySQL Data & Tables to Database [dbForge Studio]

Check our new video about how to import and export tables and data to MySQL database just in a few clicks with dbForge Studio for MySQL. dbForge Studio is an easy-to-use GUI tool, that helps you fully customize import and export operations and even do it automatically by schedule!

You can import CSV or XLS files from Excel or also .sql files to your MySQL database easily in a wink. The tool also has the functionality to export MySQL database data to different formats.

In this tutorial we described:
– How to import data from XLS file
– How to append data from XLS file to existing table
– How to export data to SQL file
– How to automate export/import operations
…and numerous useful tips about using dbForge for MySQL.

0:00 Introduction
0:16 Import data from Excel file
0:46 Rows, Columns and Headers customizing
01:11 Configuring table columns
01:21 How to modify MySQL table structure
01:38 Different modes for data processing
02:42 Exporting Data from Data Editor
03:17 Export configuration settings
04:12 How to automate data import/export tasks with command line
04:54 Example of export data to CSV file
05:54 Export data using PowerShell
06:12 Task Scheduler to automate database import/export
06:57 Bonus from Devart

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