How to Create MS SQL Database Using SQL Server Management Studio – For Beginners

This video teaches you in a simple way how to create a database using SQL Server Management Studio. It’s quite easy.

How to Write SQL Queries:

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Creating Views in MS Sql Server:

Exporting MS Access Database to MS SQL:

Writing Simple Queries in MS Access:

Relationships and Referential Integrity in Relational Databases:

How to Create Database in MS SQL Management Studio:

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40 replies on “How to Create MS SQL Database Using SQL Server Management Studio – For Beginners”

Hi Bro, First thanks for your video, it helped me a lot. I have made Two tables. I have now 3 questions.
1. How to make drop down menu within anyone row of the Table? Like if someone select one of two options like whether the case is decided or undecided. so i have to make a drop down menu for it to select anyone option in a row.
2. How and where to make the Front End for my table. It will be within SQL or i have to use Visual basic etc?
3. How to connect these tables with the buttons in the Front End Page?

Thank you Kindson,  I have been searching the Web for the past  6hrs straight to find assistance that actually works.  I now have my new AdventureWorks created in SQL.  Much appreciated.Glenda

HI Kindson Munonye,                                      My name is Brently Flowers and I am attending ITT tech. I have a presentation to do and your video helped me on how to configure a data base. So, thank you very much and keep doing what you're doing. If you can help me I know you are helping others as well. JESUS CHRIST and GOD bless you and everyone else in existence. Have a great day.

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