How to Create a Google Data Studio Dashboard

Need to quickly gain insights from your marketing efforts? Wondering how to use Google Data Studio to easily create visual dashboards?

Measurement marketing expert Chris Mercer explains how to build easy to understand reports in Google Data Studio.

Learn to create and customize a Google Data Studio dashboard that delivers clear answers you need to improve your marketing.

You’ll also discover how to quickly create an entire Google Analytics dashboard in a single click.

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— How to Build a Google Data Studio Dashboard

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00:00 Intro
00:19 The Purpose of Reports and Dashboards
01:10 Getting Started with Google Data Studio Templates
01:56 Data Studio Report Examples
04:10 Report Setup: Connecting a Data Source
05:10 Report Setup: Editing Report Style
05:47 Creating a Report with One Click
07:19 Data Studio Gallery
07:37 Additional Resources

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15 replies on “How to Create a Google Data Studio Dashboard”

One of my professors mentioned you in a lecture. I am really glad he did. Your presentation is great and so helpful. I am using your videos to supplement my own coursework in Digital Marketing and Media. You have a new loyal follower here! Thank you.

Mercer that bit at 5:48 is absolute gold. Do you happen to know an easy way to get all 3 reports into one? By default it creates 3 different reports, which exported would be 3 different PDFs. I am attempting to copy and paste but having no success. Could be a crappy internet problem but thought I would check.

This is so incredible. There are so many sections to YouTube studio to dig through. With this, I can distill the info I need into one page and brand it to my company.

I might just like this crazy timeline after all haha

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