How to Always Enter Data at The Top Row in Excel

How to always enter data at the top row in excel?

Generally, we enter data in excel at the first row and then we go to the second row and enter data and go on like this. But if we have a thousand rows in our worksheet and we need to enter data we’ll have to scroll down and find the next empty row to enter our data. This is really tiresome.

So, what if we always get an empty row at the top of our worksheet so that we can always enter our data at the top row. In this advanced excel tutorial we are going to create a Vba code that will allow us to always enter data at the top row.

Let’s get started;

Step 1: Right Click on the Sheet Tab
Step 2: Click on View Code
Step 3: Write the code (Please subscribe and here goes the code:
Step 4: Close the VBE
Step 5: Save the file to .xlsm Format


From now on you can always enter data at the top of the row right below your title.

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24 replies on “How to Always Enter Data at The Top Row in Excel”

when i open the same excel next dayis doesnt work , i want to do this regular
as when i have to add data in that same saved excel then it doesnt work what should i do to do that when ever i want to add data in the saved excel at the top row in the excel

Thank you very much Sir, highly appreciated.

One question, there is an option to add the row once enter data in any cell and press enter and not just for the last row?

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