How to add your Gmail account to Outlook

Setting up your Gmail account within the Outlook app in Office 365 or Office 2019 isn’t as simple as it should be. In this video I make show you how to make a couple of changes to your account settings to allow Outlook to work with Gmail.

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31 replies on “How to add your Gmail account to Outlook”

I have it setup now but when Im on a webpage and at the end of the post it gives options on where to send it, Facebook, Twitter, then Mail but when I click on that it takes me to Outlook and not Gmail. any Idea how to fix? Thanks Greg

I'm assisting a friend with a new Win 11 PC and will try this work-around. What nonsense this is. having to go through these 'hoops'. After using VISTA I totally abandoned anything to do with Microsoft over 15 years ago and have never encountered setting up issues with Apple.

Excellent information and the visuals are a big help. FYI, the background music is extremely annoying and distracting. It is beyond me why YouTube content creators think it necessary or cool playing music over their voice. During your next client or business meeting when the speaker begins their presentation turn up music. My bet is the participants will become highly miffed, as well they should. It is the same you are doing to your audience.

Thanks buddy; it worked but i had to opt of POP3 instead of IMAP. IMAP continued to refused and kept saying " outlook failed to make data file on the disk check setting " but POP3 worked well.

Hi Dave, good video, thanks. I have a problem I cannot resolve. My Iphone 8 suddenly decided to stop communicating with my PC when I plug it in with a USB cable to back-up or transfer pictures. PC running Win 7 professional, service pack 1, 64 bit, my phone is running ios 14.5.1. It all worked when I got the phone , then it stopped communicating, I messed around and actually got it to work for a while but not sure exactly what I did that resolved it even though I made notes, then it stopped communicating again and has been a problem for nearly a year. Plugs into my win 7 laptop and communicates ok. I know I am not the only person to have this problem, but cant find a fix. Running Avast premium so there is not much junk getting onto my pc. Any ideas please? Thanks, James

Oh my goodness, I spent HOURS & HOURS just trying to figure out what the ONE stupid little setting was (I knew it had to be a setting somewhere) and I am very computer savvy. BUT not as much as YOU friend! Thank God and thank YOU. BUT…once it connected, I can send and receive, BUT ********it did not load my mail in the inbox**** Can you help with that? sync issue????? TY TY TY

In my phone my outlook is connected to gmail. But in my laptop its not. However iff i send any message from outlook by my laptop, it has the same name, address. But not the one which is in my phone

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