How Do I Access Gmail Without Phone Verification?

✳️ There are a number of ways to confirm your identity and access Gmail if you don’t have phone verification. The catch is that most have to be set up before you need them.

Possible alternate verification options
* Using a hardware security key – set up as part of two-factor authentication.
* Using a one-time security code provided by another signed-in device.
* Confirming on a signed-in phone or tablet.
* Get a security code on a signed-in phone or tablet (even if it’s offline).
* Getting a code from the Google Authenticator app.
* Getting a verification code sent to a recovery email address.
* Getting a verification code sent to a mobile phone.
* Entering one of your pre-saved 8-digit backup codes.
* Trying Google Account Recovery.

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0:00 Recovering a Gmail account
0:22 Can’t get recovery code on my phone
1:16 Options, preparation is key
2:53 Google’s options to confirm your identity
3:22 Use your security key
3:35 Get a one-time security code
3:55 Confirm on your phone or tablet
4:57 Verification code from Google authenticator
5:09 Verification code at an email address
5:56 Verification code via mobile phone
6:41 8 digit backup codes
7:14 Get help
9:25 If everything fails

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25 replies on “How Do I Access Gmail Without Phone Verification?”

My daughter forgot her password to get into her tablet, we factory reset and now it needs us to sign in with the google account. We entered the correct email and password, but it keeps saying something went wrong and we should try again. We haven't been able to get into the tablet. Plese help!

Hi sir.i change my mobile and logout from the old one.And the old cell phone I also start two factor authentication on the old mobile .now when I login to the new mobile .so they want varification code which is sending to my email.but I am logout .so how I rescive varification code.please reply me

hey this video helped alot, but I'm still facing the problem where i receive the code and enter it, but it just brings up the message of this is a unrecognised device try signing in with a device you've logged into already. ive tried on my phone and on my laptop and still nothing, i dont have any of my old devices and i use this acc for my PS log in and unable to get any of my data back

K so, i was trying to recover some deleted emails i lost, google said i had to change my password to recover the deleted emails, so i did. Now i cant log in! I tried the “forgot password” option but instead of sending a verification code via phone, it says to use one of the 8digit backup codes, which i dont have.. when i choose “try another way”, it then sends a verification code to another email that i dont have anymore, so i cant get that code either. When i choose “try another way” again, it says that the account cant be verified as mine so they cant log me in. HOW ON EARTH to i get a hold of google and add a phone number so the verification code can be sent that way instead??
Im using my animals email account rn just to be on YouTube cuz they signed me out of everything, including my YouTube where i had 500+ subscribers, my google photos where i have all my important pictures stored 😣, and google itself.

Another pet peeve, is this can happen to you Even If you remember and enter the correct password. That's like saying you're the owner, and you know your password yet you are locked out of your account. Totally anti pattern.

While I do have all the options set up, I hate it when I'm being asked. It's a massive turn off and it's an anti pattern. When the use has consciously turned off 2FA, this verification is no different than a 2FA.

The happened to me. I know the password. I know the Gmail. I know the password to the Hotmail account which is the same as the Gmail. I know the old phone number. But since I don't have my old phone. I can't verify.

Hey i forgot my password for my gmail account and i cant remember anything like that and that acc is linked to my playstation but i have 0 clue what password is but they wont let me get passed

Hey I was able to recover mine by asking the person who owns my old text plus number lol but I just changed my recovery email to my yahoo one, and yet when I test it out, it still sends the code to my gmail account(the same one I just log into) how do I change that??

This should be a first class action lawsuit against Google. We have all our stuff we've bought with our hard earned money. Most of our bank accounts are attached to our damn Google account. I've purchased multiple game titles under my account. Im about to switch back to Yahoo at this point. Google is a joke. I had to change my old number due to spam and stalkers. >.> Customer service is a JOKE! When it comes to Google. Can we AT LEAST provide a ID??? And have them remove the number? It's bs. >.>

Hi Leo, thanks for the tutorial. I do have a backup email and received the code verification. I entered it and it brings me back to the cell phone number I don't have anymore… It's never ending problem. Any advice, thanks.

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