Gmail Tips: How to Customize Your Gmail Layout + How to Organize Your Gmail Inbox

Learn how to customize your Gmail layout and how to organize your Gmail inbox.

There are actually quite a few Gmail settings every user should know, but who has the time to cover every single thing in just one video? In this video, we’ll hone in on some of those Gmail settings and focus on how to customize your Gmail layout and how to organize your Gmail inbox.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – How to customize your Gmail layout
02:43 – How to change Gmail background
03:47 – How to organize Gmail inbox
05:41 – How to make a split-screen in Gmail (like Outlook view)
07:37 – How to change the email threading option
08:04 – Bonus layout tip

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22 replies on “Gmail Tips: How to Customize Your Gmail Layout + How to Organize Your Gmail Inbox”

Thank You Tasia Love the name Tasia great gmail inbox information you shared Thank you. I checked out your you tube video sight and saw all you teaching lessons. I created a shortcut on my desk top. You are now my Gmail trainer and Coach. "YOU GO GIRL"

I've watched your tutorial which was quite helpful. However I cannot see how to get rid of in: drafts and in: starred above my inbox. I can't seem to find any information on how to do this. Can you help please? I'm feeling so frustrated by this. Thank you!

melissa, i just migrated from outlook to gmail and "migrated" my mail folders. gmail put them in a "personal" folders group but now i can't move them under the "inbox" or i don't know how to get rid of the default "inbox" and have the new mail go to the "personal folders/inbox" that was migrated from outlook. any help doing either or both of these seemingly easy tasks. i have tried to edit and "nest under" the main inbox but doesn't seem to do anything (doesn't show under the "inbox" heading on the left. thanks, Mark

Hey, thanks for this content. Do you know why my read emails are suddenly highlighted in Gray. They go back to white of I click on mark as unread. This only started happening and is only happening on laptop not phone – that remains the same – all white background – unread in bold, read in not bold but no gray highlight . Really hope you can help x

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