Getting Started with MariaDB Development

Beginners guide to MariaDB Development by Anel Husakovic of the MariaDB Foundation.

0:00 Start
1:05 Getting the source code
1:40 Releases
2:49 Configuring and compiling the builds
4:44 About plugins
6:13 Check CMAKE options
7:33 Compiling
7:52 Compiling can take time when plugins are disabled
7:56 Try to use other build system like ninja
8:12 Check the binaries
8:46 Alternative to cmake with build scripts
9:30 Running the tests with mysql-test-run
10:28 Checking the suite
10:43 Result directory has .r
11:21 Single test run
11:51 Multiple test run
12:05 Suite tests run
12:47 Simulate the failing test
13:58 Run all tests
14:09 Write the test and create result file

MariaDB GitHub:
MariaDB Foundation tutorial:
Specifying which plugins to build :
Generic Build instructions:
Mysqltest overview:


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